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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Step To The Perfect Fitness Bracelet

Lovewe Xiaomi Mi Band 4
Written by William

I can call myself a fan of the Xiaomi Mi Band fitness band. I have already used three trackers of the company, each time buying them right after the premiere. This equipment accompanies me literally 24 hours in the pool, during sleep, at work, at the university, and during jogging. I was so attached to this gadget that, having sold my Mi Band 3, for several days, until I had a “four”, I felt great discomfort. So I waited for the new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with longing and high demands.

Love Xiaomi Mi Band 4 0.95″ 3 Color AMOLED Screen Smart Bracelet Smartband Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Sport 5ATM Waterproof Smart Band

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In the box and on the manufacturer’s website, this device appears under the name Mi Smart Band 4. However, most of the stores, portals, and users still use the name Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – which I entitled this review.

Appearance and build quality

At first glance, it is clear that not much has changed with respect to the appearance of the Mi Band 3. And it’s good because I liked the design of the previous Xiaomi bracelet; it’s simple, even minimalistic, but not as cheap as some of its competitors.

On the front side, the quality of materials makes a good impression, as does glass 2.5D (which, however, ruthlessly collects fingerprints). From the back, there is a plastic of high quality. A positive thing is that the straps from the previous bracelet model will be compatible with Mi Band 4, so we have access to a database of thousands of designs and colors of Band 3.

Fitness tracker screen Screen

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 deserves a separate paragraph. Here there have been the biggest changes compared to its predecessor. Visibility has greatly increased, but it did not make the bracelet anymore, it is still far from the size of a smartwatch. It is important to note that the monochrome screen was replaced with color and bright AMOLED with a higher resolution.

This opened up access to completely new screensavers, which are quite a few, although I liked a few, it is a question of taste. I hope that over time they will become more, and, perhaps, Xiaomi will figure out some simple editor for the dials. But, back to maximum brightness, because this is probably the biggest problem of the predecessors of the Mi Band 4. Finally, when you go outside on a sunny day, you don’t need to close the tracker display with your hand to see a notification or time – 400 nits make you’re a business. It also seems to me that the updated bracelet responds better to touch, but this may be due to a larger display. I am glad that the choice of screen savers has become really wide, everyone should find something for themselves here.

Functions and features

All functions of Mi Banda 3 were transferred to the “four”. The use of the bracelet is based on almost identical gestures, like its predecessor. This is correct because the control over the gadget is very accurate and intuitive. Some functions have been expanded in relation to the predecessor, so now, for example, we can start the alarm clock from the wrist, and no longer need to open the application on the phone. A small thing, but comfortable, I often use it. It is also worth mentioning the addition of a convenient timer.

The heart rate monitor, as in previous models, is surprisingly accurate if we compare it with a device in the same price category. One of the errors I encountered was that one day, Mi Band 4 didn’t count my steps, only after re-synchronization everything was back to square one.

The biggest (in my opinion expected) novelty in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the ability to control music from the tracker level. When only we unlock the bracelet, we can go to the music management application using a drag gesture to the right or left. With this feature, we can conveniently change the song to the next or previous, stop the music or change the volume. For me, this is a big advantage on a level screen.
Mi Band 4 features include: Weather, heart rate monitor, alarm clock, music management, stopwatch, timer, smartphone search, sleep tracking, sports activities, notifications (the tracker can recognize when we sleep and turn off notifications), information about incoming messages as an alert , counting steps with setting daily goals, a reminder of events.

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Do not forget, however, that this is a sports bracelet, so in terms of physical activity has changed slightly. In addition to past features, the gyro added a lot of changes. Now we can, for example, track our activity in the pool or, more accurately, calculate the steps.

The heart rate monitor remained about the same, because its measurements, and the verification of sleep data, coincide with what we know from the Mi Band 3 – quite well. Notification support has also been expanded. Now the device stores much more messages in memory, and also allows you to view their larger fragment.
Mi Band Software

Immediately, I note that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 software is fully functional, there are no critical errors, and the equipment can be used as much as possible. This, however, does not mean that it is used 100% for what I regret. Because, as I mentioned in the introduction, a smart bracelet accompanies me everywhere 24/7, and I demand from him a high working culture. After more than six months of using Mi Band 3, I can say one thing – I expected that. The Chinese have fixed everything, saving us from the system problems of the “troika”, as well as the Mi Fit application, providing a lot of updates. When the Mi Band 4 appeared on the horizon, it immediately struck me. Well, I bought it, got it, unpacked it, connected it with my phone and seemed to go back. Again, the underdeveloped system, the mobile application, is constantly lagging and shutting down for no reason, the animation is slow and there are strange connection failures. As I mentioned earlier, nothing critical, but it is annoying. I sometimes even felt sad that I was no longer with the “troika” and it was unclear whether it was worth waiting for Mi Band 4 to be provided at its best. I think it will be so soon, because, during the testing period, 3 updates for the tracker and one for the Mi Fit application arrived on the device.


  • Reasonable price
  • There is a version with NFC
  • Pretty good heart rate monitor
  • Ability to manage music
  • Good Battery life
  • Bright screen


  • The screen is prone to distortion

Should I buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Yes. I do not regret my purchase and I believe that with time the equipment will continue to be updated and will become much better, thanks to improved software. But, even now, this is not bad and the last smart tracker from Xiaomi can be recommended. And what do you think about Mi Band 4? Do you plan to buy it? Or maybe you already have a new bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band? Let me know in the comments!


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