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Top 3 WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Latest 2019

Top 3 WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Latest 2019

Top 3 WiFi Hacking Apps | Best Hacking Apps For Android Latest 2019. In this post, you can get 3 Amazing WiFI Hacking apps Review. some people call them illegal hacking android apps but this video is for educational purpose. you can have so much fun after installing these apps without rooting your smartphone. U can use this app to check your wifi security and vulnerabilities only for educational purpose.

WiFi Hacking Apps For Android

1. WIBR (WiFi BruteForce) – Android App For Hackers

WIBR is an android app that you can use to break into a password protected (weak) WiFi network. It is actually a brute force that allows you to perform a dictionary attack on the target. If you don’t know what is a dictionary attack, read this Wikipedia article: Dictionary_Attack.

Now let’s dive into the tutorial…

Note: Turn on your WiFi before diving into the tutorial.

How To Use WIBR

1. Download and install WIBR on your android device. WIRB
2. Open the app, you will see a screen like this:

3. Tap on “List Networks“, it will display the WiFi networks in your range. Then select the target WiFi network from the list, you will see a screen like this:

4. Choose the wordlists you want to use and then tap on “Start Wordlist Test“. The app will start attacking the target WiFi network (See the image below).

Wait for some time, it will display the password (if it is in the wordlists).
Note: The attacking process is very slow, so you have to wait for a really long time to get the password.

2. zANTI 3.0

zANTI 3.0

With zANTI 3.0 you can simulate real-world, commonly-used mobile malicious cyber attack techniques
Quickly discover unsafe elements in your networks, and in your devices that are connected to your networks.


  • Network Security
  • Vulnerabilities Scan
  • Man In The Middle

zANTI™ is a mobile penetration testing toolkit that lets security managers assess the risk level of a network with the push of a button. This easy to use mobile toolkit enables IT Security Administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the malicious techniques they use in the wild to compromise the corporate network.

3. NetCut For Android

NetCut Pro v1.6.5 is software for managing and controlling the access of users connected to the Internet, which is provided by Using this app requires Android routines.

Features of NetCut Pro Android :
– Identify all network users on WIFI, even when your phone does not have a valid IP address or not using WiFi Internet. As long as you’re connected to any WiFi, NetCut can work.
– Setting on and off for each network user, including Mobile / Xbox, softphone, PS3, PS4, etc.
– Abandoning the network between two LAN users by setting a user as “gateways”, then disconnecting another user, After that, none of them can talk to each other, such as Apple TV, Google TV, xiaomi box
– Netcut Defender Internal (one click on and off)
– Scan the network when you feel that users are still in the network. And you can not see them.
– Checking the type of phone, Netcut can display the phone list.
– Ability to grant a name for each user.
– Intruder detection. If anyone tries to spoof and fraud, you can view it in the program.
– And …

Features of the Pro version : 
– No ads
– No mandatory updates

Top 3 WiFi Hacking Apps For Android Latest 2019

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