The Huawei P Smart will receive New Android 9 Pie Very Soon

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Huawei P Smart
Huawei P Smart 

Many users are waiting to know when they will update their devices to Android 9 Pie, and this time we focus on one of the most popular mobile phones in the market, the Huawei P Smart. The update to Android 9 Pie for the Huawei P Smart seems to be closer than ever if we take into account the latest information. The new update will improve Huawei p smart battery life

The Huawei P Smart already has a successor, launched just a few weeks ago, and which again uses the same winning formula of excellent design, good features, and very tight price, this new generation has arrived with Android 9 Foot factory.

First appearance of Android 9 Pie for the Huawei P Smart

Usually, the main symptom that a software update is closer than ever, or at least that it exists, is that you see the smartphone with that software version in some performance test. And that is precisely what has happened now with the update to Android 9 Pie for Huawei P Smart, which has been seen in one of the most important performance tests, such as Geekbench.

The alleged pass by Geekbench Huawei P Smart and we say it because we should always leave a margin for the fraudulent post, shows us the terminal with the version 9.0 of Android, which is expected to receive during this 2019. Keep in mind that this first generation Huawei P Smart was introduced in December 2017, so it still has until the end of this year to continue receiving updates from the Google system. In fact, it would be normal for him to have his own ration of Android Q.

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