Samsung developing A Smartphones With an invisible selfie-camera

Samsung announced the development of smartphones with an invisible selfie-camera.

Samsung says it is working on creating a truly full-screen smartphone without any cutouts for the front camera. However, it is apparently not about the near future.

The South Korean company has just recently released a trio of Galaxy S10 smartphones, and each of the models has a small cutout in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, where the front camera (or camera, in the case of the Galaxy S10 Plus) is located. Although some people like this design, not everyone is excited about the black spot on the screen.

Samsung invisible selfie-camera

Samsung invisible selfie-camera

In pursuit of the maximum possible screen-to-body ratio (here it is 93.1%), Samsung removed most of the top frame of the smartphone and embedded the selfie-camera directly into the display. In general, the screen looks great, but the cut-out prevents everything. Applications that are overly dependent on white color schemes highlight this “flaw”. In some cases, it is difficult to look away from the permanent black cut-out of the camera.

Moreover, some applications and games perceive the cutout as a “bang” and leave a large black bar at the top of the screen. According to the Korea Times, Samsung has now pledged to end this problem.

“The Infinity O display signals an important direction in display technology. We will continue to try to reduce the size of the cutout so that users in the future will not see the camera on the smartphone display, ”said Jan Byung-Duk, vice president of mobile research and development at Samsung.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen in the next two years. Instead, it is assumed that Samsung may soon use a retractable selfie camera, such as that of the Vivo Nex.

However, according to Yana, Samsung watches with pleasure as consumers experiment with various wallpapers that either mask or underline the cutout of the camera on the Galaxy S10.

“We’ve seen online forums like Reddit have so many fun wallpapers using the Galaxy S10 cutout,” he says. “While we designed the cut-out for the camera, the engineers never expected it to become a virus in the network. Now we enjoy these great wallpapers. ”

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