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Rocket Royale 1.5.6 Download Android Royal Rattle Action + Mod

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Rocket Royale 1.5.6 Download Android Royal Rattle Action + Mod

Rocket Royale

Rocket Royale v1.5.6 + Mod Download Android

Rocket Royale is a shooting game of the Battle Royale online, which takes place in a dying world. This is the new chapter of the Battle of Royals, in which you must survive the final battle of the Battle. In this Android game, people struggle hard to live. But this game has only one survivor. Nobody is doomed to destruction in this game, but everyone has a real chance to survive! By collecting supplies, make a missile to leave this place or choose the hardest way and only survive on battlefields!

Rocket Royale PC provides many tactics by building a sanctuary around you! Raise your skills and become King of the Battle of Royale. Make your way to victory. Plunder, shoot, collect resources and make various items. There are more than 20 weapons in your arsenal, each weapon having its own strength, parameters, and attachments. Upgrade each weapon and build your own style! Create your own survival rules. This game is from OneTonGames Studio.

– Added changes control layout screen. Added support for left-handed controls.
– Added new 79 new characters! Added skin color setting.
– Added new achievements.
– Leagues tweaks and improvements.
– Shotguns close combat have been improved.
– Graphics enhancements, stars, and clouds added.
– Added night lights into the buildings.

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