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Ransomware Defender for Android Download Free!

Ransomware Defender v1.0.2 [Premium] – The app for identifying and removing the ransomware Android

Ransomware Defender for Android Download Free!

Ransomware Defender v1.0.2 [Premium] For Android

Imagine working with your Android device and with a message based on locking personal files with a specific algorithm, and the message displayed will ask you to deposit a sum over a specified time, otherwise, the file Yours are deleted.

Programs that display such messages are called Ransomware, which annually targets thousands or perhaps millions of people, and their threats have nothing to do with the power and type of smart device.

Ransomware Defender Premium The title is a smart app for detecting and protecting your Android phone against the bundle, which has been developed by ShieldApps and released on the major Google Play market. The program, with the help of a deep scan system, helps you to easily stand up against ransomware attacks when surfing web pages or any other activity, and make sure that no damage to your files is included.

All protections are 24-hour and real-time, which can be considered unique in its kind. In addition to manual scanning, there is a system for automatically detecting which only the timeframe you want to set.

Some features of Android Ransomware Defender:

  • Very low volume without any effect on the speed of the smart device
  • A complete software vs. any software shack
  • 24-hour protection in real time
  • Scan automated and scheduled by just selecting your favorite time
  • Detailed reports of scans done and device health
  • Control all installed programs and identify suspicious accesses
  • The Ransomware Defender app has been able to receive a 4.2 out of 5.0 paid by Google Plugin users by paying within the network at $ 39.99, and now you can download the most up-to-date version of it from a reputable and visitor- friendly website. Get all the features available in our version.

Changelog v1.0.2:

* Bug fixes

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