Paqui One Chip Challenge buy Now 2020

We ate the world’s spiciest tortilla chip, and it was absolute hell. Have you ever made a decision, just to be hit with the thought “oh, I fucked up?” Yeah, that’s how it is when you touch your tongue to the gritty tip of the spiciest tortilla chip in the world.

So scrap that record and freeze the frame, as you might wonder how I got here. It all started like most horrible choices in life, with a viral challenge on the internet.

If you’re watching influencers perform masochistic # views activities, you might have come across some poor souls seeking Paqui’s “One Chip Challenge.

The chip is peppered with an “unhealthy amount” of seasoning made from real Carolina reaper peppers, certified as the world’s hottest chili pepper by the Guinness World Records. The #OneChipChallenge returns with a vengeance this year. It contains the Reaper pepper with a blue corn tortilla chip, and just to add that little extra oomph, chili pepper scorpion, and chipotle pepper powder.

Paqui one chip challenge where to buy?

Try the World’s Hottest Chip made with the hottest chile pepper on the planet, the Carolina Reaper. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. This Challenge is for the most daring of spice heads. Do you dare take the #OneChipChallenge to earn your place on Paqui’s Wall of Infamy?

“For the last two years, we’ve received everything from love letters and polite requests to absolutely desperate pleas for us to bring back the #OneChipChallenge,” said Paqui Brand Manager Caitlin Morales. I cannot imagine why. While Paqui has a line of adequately spicy chips fit for everyday consumption, their fans wanted to “test themselves with even more real peppers and real heat.” Real heat? What was I even eating before?