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Pakistan Strike Back Two Indian jets Shot Down, Pilot Captured by Pakistani forces.

According To Latest News Pakistan Air Force shot down 2 Indian Air Force planes in its airspace in Kashmir on Wednesday 2/27/2019, one Indian pilot had been captured.

Pakistan Strike Back Two Indian jets Shot Down
Pakistan Strike Back Two Indian jets Shot Down

PAF shot down two Indian aircraft inside Pakistani airspace,” tweeted military spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor, adding that one aircraft had fallen in Pakistani-held Kashmir, while the other crashed on the Indian side.


Pakistan military’s PR wing also shared a video of a blindfolded man claiming him to be the captured IAF pilot.

Ghafoor in his press conference added that PAF jets had moved in the direction of India before on Wednesday morning, though he did no longer make clear whether or not they breached the LoC, with an goal to “send a message”.

“Pakistan’s armed forces were left with no option however to respond [following IAF jet strike on terror camp in Balakot]. We determined that we will now not have interaction any army goal and that our target engagement will not end result in any loss of life or collateral damage. When our air pressure was inside limit, on these goals our pilots locked on and from a distance we fired.”Pakistan Strike Back Two Indian jets Shot Down, Pilot Captured by Pakistani forces 1

These targets, Ghafoor elaborated, had been navy supply depots. “We destroyed them with accuracy.”

He delivered that Pakistan “doesn’t prefer to escalate. We don’t prefer to go to war.” He said that India have to reflect on consideration on Pakistan’s provide for peace with a cool head.

The Pakistani navy wing also addressed the international community at large, saying that fighting between India and Pakistan would end result in instability now not simply in a localized region, but destruction would go “far beyond.”

He also rubbished reviews of a PAF F-16 fighter plane being shot down. “First of all no F-16 was once part of our operation. We have additionally no longer obtained any reviews of an F-16 being shot down.”

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