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The Pakistan Citizen Portal is an embedded citizen complaint system that connects all federal and provincial public organizations. The model is used by its various offices across Pakistan as a source of complaints. Finally, the feedback of the citizen will be related to the performance and promotion of an officer. The App will be a complement to the public-government channel.

What is a Pakistan citizen portal?

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) is a Government-owned Mobile Application (available on both Android and iOS) and is being used as a tool to promote citizen-centric participatory governance. It provides a nation-wide window to connect people with Government Organizations at all levels for raising their issues with authorities, complaints’ redressal and suggestions.

On Government’s side, it helps to promote the culture of quantified performance management and make the various government entities accountable for their mandated roles and responsibilities.

Main Features of PCP

People by the installation of the App can be benefitted in the following ways;
• Citizens’ empowerment
• Free registration on the Portal via App.
• Creation of a long-lasting account with Governments’ authorities at all levels for lodging complaints, identifications of issues as a social responsibility and suggestions.
• Direct interaction and connectivity with the concerned office/officers.
• No reference required to put forward a case.Page 5 of 2 Introduction
• No physical mobility required.
• Regular update and real-time tracking regarding the status of complaints
• No timing bar on complaint lodging/case submission.

Organizations while using the respective dashboards can be benefitted in the
following ways;
• Identification of grey areas in policymaking.
• Acquaintance about critical public issues.
• Getting suggestions on various pertinent subjects.
• Efficiency tracking of officers/offices/organizations.
• Performance accountability.
• Governance accountability.

How To Use Pakistan citizen portal

First of All, ou Need Official App of CPC Download Here Install normally like other Apps.

1. Open App and Click on RegisterPakistan Citizen Portal

2. Now Select Pakistani citizens, Overseas Pakistanis or Foreigners. Fill Your Details & active your account

Pcp help guide


3. Click the + sign to lodge a new complaint.

b. Select the relevant main category of Level 1 from the given categories.

c. Select the relevant category of Level 2 from the given categories.

d. Select the relevant sub-category from the given categories.

e.Write the details of complaint under the head named as “complaint details” Write the location of a complaint under the head named as “complaint location”

g. Select the Province, District & Tehsil related to the jurisdiction of the complaint & Submit.


All those citizens who are unable to register on Pakistan Citizen’s Portal can avail the following mediums to lodge their complaints etc.

a. All over the country, over 5000 Government Organizations are connected with Pakistan Citizen’s Portal to resolve and report on citizen’s complaints. Besides the mobile app, all these entities are able to lodge any kind of complaint received to them in the form of a letter, email, telephone call or by the arrival of the complainant in person.

The citizens who have no App facility may visit the concerned office or any Govt; office having the PMDU Dashboard facility and may lodge their complaint through manual procedure.

b. Send email on pmdu@pmo.gov.pk, however, name, cell number, ID card number and necessary details (attachments) are mandatory to be mentioned along with the complaint.

c. Post your complaint/issue on the official Facebook page of the PMDU with all necessary details https://www.facebook.com/PMDUPakistan.

d. Home-based web access will soon be enabled for citizens to lodge a complaint etc.


The citizen can get in-time response and relief;

a. By selecting the correct category and authority for his/her complaint/suggestion/guidance seeking query.

b. By clearly mentioning the contents so that time may not be wasted in seeking information from your side. c. Provision of necessary attachments, proofs, pictures, audio, video, GPS coordinates, etc.

Mostly complaints suffer delays due to the above-mentioned reasons on part of the citizens. Therefore, the citizens are advised to do the needful for the efficient resolution of their complaints.


The system assigns a minimum of 20 days and maximum 41 days default timelines to every complaint from the day of its first arrival to a Government entity. The Organizations are bound to resolve complaints within the assigned timeframe; however, they can be prioritized keeping in view the urgency of the matter.

A complaint may possibly take a longer time in resolution if it involves the role of two or more organizations or having vague contents that need clarification on part of the citizen or some additional information required. For a tangible outcome, the citizen has to wait till completion of the assigned timelines (i.e. 20 days) while in the meantime;

he/she will be kept updated regarding all processing stages of the complaint. The assigned timelines (20-41 days) do not guarantee resolution of your complaint rather it is the nature of your complaint that will determine the resolution timelines. It is however assured that an appropriate response will be provided.

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