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Opera Has Added Free VPN To Its Android Browser.

Opera has added free VPN
Opera Has Added Free VPN To Its Android Browser.
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Opera has added a free VPN service to its browser application for Android. New Opera 51 for Android allows users to pave a 256-bit encrypted tunnel between their Android device and a remote VPN server.

This is a timely addition, as many people begin to worry about their online privacy, especially because some tech companies have shown that data and personal information is not as secure as we all thought.

Opera has added free VPN

Opera has added free VPN

However, the supplement is a bit confusing. Opera already has some experience in the field of VPN. In 2016, Opera launched Opera VPN, a separate VPN application for iOS and Android. A little later, she introduced this feature in her desktop product, but in 2018, she stopped working with Opera VPN.

The new Opera offer is quite unique, as it does not require you to open an account to use the VPN, and also allows you to choose from several different servers.

Chrome still dominates on mobile devices: according to StatCounter, it is installed in 56.74 percent of mobile users (Android and iOS combined), and Opera occupies about 3.5 percent of the market. However, Opera’s feature set has grown significantly over the last few updates. Last year, the company added support for cryptocurrency in the browser, a customizable dark mode, and in November, the company’s Android browser was able to disable cookies, and it also installed a fairly reliable ad blocker by default.

Recently, free VPNs have caused a lot of criticism for their clever monetization strategy, with some being caught selling information about their users to third parties or closely following their users.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Opera’s vice president of product marketing, Jan Standal, said that users don’t need to worry about such actions from Opera. He argues that “the service is provided completely free of charge as a unique feature to improve privacy and security. Opera is monetized using other mechanisms unrelated to it, and unlike other VPN services, Opera does not depend on monetizing the browser’s VPN service. ”

There is no information about whether this change will be transferred to the browser version for iOS or Opera version for PC.

Opera Software was founded in 1995, releasing the first version of the Opera browser in its very first year, and has since supported it, switching in 2013 from the original Presto engine to the offer from Chromium. The Norwegian company went public in 2018.

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