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OnHAX tech forever Server Goes Down

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onhax the old is currently Down. Onhax was one of The favorite Website For Downloading Premium and mod app downloading site for years. But Nowadays it become completely filled of ads and even for downloading one single app you have to close around 4 redirecting ads and have to see many other ads. completely irritating experience.


How much as I used this site only for education purposes.


because hacking is not legal.


onhax is the best site that offers free software apps and utilities.


the main part of the site is also well known pirated apps and software.


for android such as Lucky patcher, Video editor absolutely free.


either same as pc software’s serial numbers, product key. and many more.


the site protected by Cloud flare that’s a security layer.


in have so many visitors so they will use kind of cloud flare services to stop unauthorised access.


and yeah the site has so many ads.


if you wish to visit the site you must be turned on ad blocker.


overall This is the best site to download cracked apps and pc software I have been browsing this site for about 2 years. And the really make me feel at the top of the world.its the best site. They have proof about every mod. I think they are very professional programmers. They have almost every app cracked that are official on youtube.

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