OnePlus 7 Price, Specification, Pop-out camera

one plus is one of the big Android winners of 2018 the company released two grape phones.  first of all, let’s just real off a few things that are basically just common sense one plus will almost certainly release two flagship phones in 2019.

OnePlus 7 Price

OnePlus 7 Price


the first will probably be called the 1 plus 7 and it’ll almost certainly land in late spring or early summer the spec sheet is likely to follow the company’s pattern of pairing the latest Snapdragon with a ton of RAM and storage.

Oneplus has already confirmed that it’ll be one of the first to use the Snapdragon 855 chipset and configurations with between 8 and 10 gigs of RAM and 128 and 256 gigs of storage. We saw 10 gigs already in the exclusive McLaren edition of the 60 speaking of which expect that phone’s super fast walk charge specification to come as standard in any 2019 models.

Oneplus rarely cuts his battery capacity from generation to generation so also expect at least a 3700 milliamp-hour battery as a baseline don’t hold your breath for wireless charging or a headphone jack.

oneplus 7 battery

oneplus 7 battery

Though oneplus is charging strategy has been based around fast while charging for so long. After coming out with USB see bullet earphones with a 60 I think it’s unlikely. We’ll see a 3.5-millimeter jack in the 1 plus 7 so with that out the way it’s time to get to what we actually know about the oneplus 7.

Based on the few reliable leaks out there and most of this stuff comes from 2 leaked photos that have emerged over the past couple of months the first and most reliable was outed on Twitter by issue on our wall and this one is super interesting not just because of the phones in the picture.

OnePlus 7, perhaps, will be one of the most anticipated smartphones in 2019. Now the network has new renderings of the smartphone, published by a well-known source of leaks, OnLeaks. Renders show a device that has a retractable selfie camera.


Even earlier, in January, an image appeared on the network showing the top half of the OnePlus 7. Many were skeptical about the prototype was shown with the slider form factor. If this new render from OnLeaks is accurate, then you can clearly see that the retractable camera can be a more accurate solution for the new OnePlus smartphone.


The screen size of the device in the image is about 6.5 inches. The leak claims that the dimensions of the OnePlus 7 will be 162.6 x 76 with a thickness of 8.8 mm, not counting the rear protrusion of the chamber, where the thickness will be 9.7 mm. Concerning the camera, the images also show the OnePlus 7 triple rear camera with lenses located vertically in the center of the top of the rear panel. Renders also show the ports and buttons of the smartphone in their expected locations, including the corporate logo.


The Chinese brand is not yet sharing the characteristics of iron inside its new flagship, although it is known that the company decided not to include support for wireless charging. These renders do not show a 3.5mm headphone jack or a fingerprint scanner. The company’s latest smartphone, OnePlus 6T, got rid of the headphone jack but acquired a fingerprint scanner built into the display. Most likely, all of this will be repeated in OnePlus 7.


It is also assumed that the OnePlus 7 will not be a 5G-smartphone, although the company is working on such a device. In fact, last week the company showed a prototype of this smartphone on the MWC 2019, albeit behind glass.

It should be borne in mind that these renderings of OnePlus 7 are not official, therefore, the final design may be different. The launch of the smartphone is expected in the first half of 2019.

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