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MX Player PRO APK Latest Version v1.10.46 [ Premium ]


MX Player PRO APK Latest Version v1.10.46 [ Premium ]

MX Player Pro APK is one of the best and most powerful software video player for smartphones running Android is having it on your smartphone no  Video Player will. MX Player Pro v1.10.46 Cracked.The newest popular version for All Android Devices



About MX Player PRO APK

MX Player Pro video player can play all your movies in any format with Full HD quality and display them in high resolution if you have a subtitle. One of the reasons why this video player is populariser friendly and user-friendly user interface that will attract every user!

Various video platforms have been released for Android, with almost all of them being introduced on the site, and MX Player has been able to attract users’ attention around the world, and users are more keen on the high-quality content of the video player because they are videos with Highest possible quality! If you are the most complete, easy, and most professional Android video player ever, do not miss the MX Player Pro under any circumstances!

Features MX Player Pro APK:

  • Play all available video formats
  • Supports all subtitle formats
  • Ability to rotate the display automatically
  • Display videos in different sizes
  • Full Android 3.0 support


  • Having a child lock
  • Having a variety of themes
  • Compatibility with multi-core CPUs
  • Possibility to adjust the brightness of the page
  • Possibility to use as an online video player
  • Supports FULL HD videos on the handset with an appropriate hardware
  • Supports live languages including the Persian language

To download the latest and most current version of the MX Player Player app for free and direct links from ithubpk, it’s worth mentioning that the upcoming version of the Integrated AC3 support player, and nothing No extra codecs required.

As we all know, MX Player is the most downloaded and most used media player in the Android community. It is because of its popularity, our app is now getting used on computers like PC and Mac. Though officially it’s not available to be downloaded for Windows or Mac OS, we found a workaround to run it on any computer. If you want to know more about this, then check this page about MX Player PC App

MX Player V1.10.46 APK:

Plays All Type of Media Files
It is compatible with almost all sorts/types of video formats like AVI, FLV, MP4, MPEG, and many more.

Supports Super HD Video Playing
This application can play a High Definition video of 1080p resolution with ease.

Super Clean and Good Looking
It has a very easy to access and friendly interface.

Advanced Features
It supports pinch gestures like Zoom in and Zooms out feature which can be accessed even on a running video.

Multi-core Decoding
It supports multi-core decoding i.e. SW, HW, and HW+ so sometimes when you play along duration full HD video on your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Subtitle Support
It supports subtitles that have a highly editable font. Using this app you can quickly download English subtitles of any movie from the web watching the movie.


Features of the light and colorful version
light :

– Removing the Google Analyzer and its statistics

– Graphics optimization

– Supports all languages


– Delete all languages except Russian and English

– Supports ARM and X86 processors

– Disable Analytics

– Remove unnecessary codes to make the application faster

Colorful :

Replacing all active icons with colored ones
Preferably used in the dark theme with all active buttons (settings/ player/navigation/buttons ✔)
Replacing icons (pictures) in a smart lock when you touch the screen (touch effects)
Renamed to MX Video
Replacement icons
Application optimization

** All three major editions are Light and Fashion versions of PRO and PNG and latest versions.

*** The purpose of making vehicles is to make the program smaller and more efficient.




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