Motospeed CK888 Gaming Keyboard + Mouse Combo Review

Written by William

If you’re looking for a budget mechanical keyboard and mouse combo, you can’t go wrong with the CK888 Mechanical Combo from Motospeed. As a cheap, money-saving kind of person, I’m surprised to admit that I’m glad I took a risk in purchasing this keyboard and mouse combo. The best news is that compared to its counterparts, it’s exceptionally inexpensive on Banggood.

Perfect Motospeed CK888 Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo


Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Product Dimensions: 17.9 x 6.9 x 1.8 inches

Item Weight: 3.1 pounds

Manufacturer: LexonElec@

Original Motospeed CK888 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo-NKRO Blue...
  • A variety of cool LED lighting effects
  • Full keyboard without conflict, fast response
  • All mechanical switch, professional e-sports player standard equipment . Multimedia function key combination, having a balance between work and game


Product description

Color: Black & Mixed Backlit

This keyboard has the best looking backlight effect. It is so beautiful that it is worth buying

Keyboard Backlight effect:
【FN+1】Mixed color backlight flashing
【FN+2】7 kinds of mixed light breathing changes
【FN+3】Mixed color backlight flashing
【FN+4】8 kinds of monochrome backlight switching(One light per press)
【FN+5】7 kinds of mixed light breathing changes
【FN+6/7】Mixed light high-frequency flashing
【FN+8】3 kinds of monochrome backlight switching(One light per press)
【FN+9】Mixed light (No change)
【FN+0】Monochrome high-frequency flashing
【FN+PGUP/PGDN】Lights Intensity Switch (High / Medium / Weak)

Keyboard Features:
-Net weight:1038g
-Normal Keys:104
-Interface Type: USB
-USB Cable Length:about 160cm
-Dimension:455(L) x 175(W) x 45(H)mm
-Keycap Technology: Punk Keycap; ABS + PC Material Button / Keycap Ray Carving

Mouse Specifications:
-Customize DPI Switch: 1200/1600/2400/3200DPI.
-Weight: about 139g
-Size: 115 x 73 x 41 mm
-Switch Life: 8 million cycle
-The USB cable length: about 1.8m
-Buttons: 6 Buttons with scroll wheel (Two Side-Buttons, One DPI Switch)
-Anti-skid technology, Smooth material,4 gears DPI speed change and Game chip

Packaged Included:
1 x Gaming Keyboard (Retail Package)
1 x Gaming Mouse
1 x Mouse Pad (gift)

Note: When the mouse is linked to the computer, the mouse will have 4 kinds of breathing backlight switching, which are green, red, blue and yellow.

CK888 Gaming Keyboard Review:

The CK888 keyboard has a gorgeous array of pulsating colors that you can customize, with some color settings even designed to enhance gaming.

All Mechanical Switches: for gaming- and typing-friendly experience

First and foremost, CK888 is a mechanical keyboard. This means that when you press its keys, it provides immediate tactile and audial and feedback in the form of a high pitched clicking and clacking. Many gamers argue that a mechanical keyboard, in contrast to a membrane or half-mechanical keyboard, is the superior choice for gaming for those very reasons.

While I won’t pretend to know whether your ELO will improve significantly because you’re switching to a mechanical keyboard, I will tell you that this keyboard does deliver a satisfying key pressing experience, though my wife already complained about its loud and high pitch, and I’ve only just begun using it.

Personally, I like it. But don’t buy it for your workspace.

Suspended, Double Injection Keycaps: for enhanced durability

The keys themselves are suspended, meaning that you can take them off easily and clean them, which is a huge bonus for a slob like me. In addition, the keys were molded using a technique known as “double injection.” This is a straightforward term meaning that the key and its “legend” (e.g., A, B, C, D… and the rest of the keyboard’s symbols) were separately molded together, using two injections, rather than painting the symbols on (or using other methods).

What this means for you, the buyer is that the keys are far more durable, and you won’t be wiping off the keyboard’s symbols with your nasty, Cheeto-dust fingers no matter how hard you try.

Photo-Optical with 9 RGB Color LED: for beauty and fun

The CK888 keyboard is photo-optical, with up to 14 LED colors backlighting the keys. While this might seem like a frivolous addition to a keyboard, according to Hewlett-Packard.comthere’s a practical benefit: “Optical keyboards are more durable because they’re usually dust- and waterproof.”

Due to this LED backlighting, the CK888 is undeniably beautiful — the suspended keycaps allows the LED lighting to glow, pulsate, and blink gently against the bottoms of the keys in the center of the keyboard. As soon as I plugged the keyboard into the USB, the whole thing lit up with an explosion of rainbow colors, which was amusing. Then I read the user’s manual and am genuinely shocked at how many ridiculous things I can make this keyboard do color-wise.

Like any other photo-optical keyboard, the CK888 can detect when keys are pressed, resulting in all sorts of delightful chain reactions that you can customize endlessly.

CK888 Gaming Keyboard Features


  • Mechanical keyboard
  • Suspension keycap design
  • Double injection keycaps
  • RGB LED backlighting (9 colors)
  • Free of EEPROM memory
  • Back supports to keep the keyboard raised

Gaming & Work Friendliness

  • No-conflict keys (gaming friendly) – all button combinations will respond
  • Lock WIN button – prevent windows button from opening during gaming sessions
  • FN button for multimedia

Physical Characteristics & Durability

  • Language: English
  • Size: 437 x 128 x 36 MM
  • Weight: 850g
  • Lifetime: 50,000,000 – you can press a key 50 million times before it will break
  • Current: 500mA
  • Quantity: 104 keys, two-color keycap

CK888 Mouse Review:

While the main event in this combo is the keyboard, the CK888 mouse is a solid addition. While Motospeed themselves admit that the mouse is not top tier for gaming, I found myself doing just as well, if not better, at Apex Legends and League of Legends while using it.

The mouse itself is comfortable to hold, with a rubbery back that’s soft to the touch and doesn’t feel cheap. Its sides feel like leather, making for a comfortable, non-slip thumb- and-ring/pinkie finger hold. For non-gaming purposes, it has all of the standard buttons you’d expect on a mouse, plus a DPI switch (with four settings), which allows you to quickly change your mouse speed from slow to fast.

Like the keyboard, it’s also beautiful and features four of the same RGB LED colors, red, green, blue, and purple. As I’m typing now, it sits there breathing, pulsating and alternating colors, which is pretty cool. I’d be less impressed if the styling and appearance weren’t so well done, but its sleek curves and frankly awesome panther logo makes it look handsome on my desk.

CK888 Mouse Features


  • Left-click
  • Right-click
  • Back & Forward – Located higher up on the mouse body, harder to accidentally hit. Nonetheless, you can download this software for PC to disable those buttons (or do an entire host of other insane things to your mouse, if you’re a complete neckbeard). I tested the software on this mouse, and it worked.
  • Mouse wheel
  • Mouse wheel click
  • DPI button (four settings) – controls mouse cursor speed
    • Lowest DPI (slowest) – Backlighting turns red
    • Low DPI – Backlighting turns blue
    • Medium DPI – Backlighting turns green
    • High DPI (fastest) – Backlighting turns pink

Other Features

  • High-Resolution Optical Sensor
  • Wear Pads
    • Non-stick
    • Friction resistant
    • Temperature resistant
  • RGB Led Lighting
  • The durability of 20 million times – meaning that you can click a button 20 million times and it shouldn’t break. For an average computer user, that’s about 7.5 years.
    Original Motospeed CK888 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo-NKRO Blue...
    • A variety of cool LED lighting effects
    • Full keyboard without conflict, fast response
    • All mechanical switch, professional e-sports player standard equipment . Multimedia function key combination, having a balance between work and game

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