“Mortal Kombat 11” Review: New Human War Beautiful Brutality

“Mortal Kombat 11” Review: New Human War Beautiful Brutality

Mortal Kombat 11
Mortal Kombat 11

After the grand opening Causing many fighting fans to sing wow with amazing With the most brutal, blood-thirsty fighting game Will come out as good as waiting? Can follow and read in this reviewNew conflict Amid the timeline that has been changed

After the fighters from Earthrealm dealt with the ancient god Shinnok or The Elder God who successfully conquered EarthRealm. While preparing to subdue the remaining enemies That is, the Revenant or the demon minions that used to be former fighters But then at the end of the war, Kronika, the keeper and time controller, took part in this war. And use the sand power of time to change the time line until distorted Causing the fighters from the past and present to face each other And the new battle of all the fighters in the great battle begins again

Although Mortal Kombat is a fighting game It has outstanding advantages is the narrative than the other games in which Story mode that can say that came out spectacular than fighting games on the market right now, the animation and editing of. This sector is a leap that may be comparable to a good movie.

But it seems that the narrative in this sector compared to the previous sector is a bit inferior. And the ending scene is a bit disappointing (Can choose to finish three types) which in total The story of the game remains in the same high standard. Only at some point, it is somewhat inferior to in the old sector, which makes it more interesting to follow.

New modes and brutality are as full as ever.

Mortal Kombat 11 continues to present the brutality in the raw, unkind style, which is no different from that of the region. The design of the characters in this sector has changed many points until it feels that each character has more realism. Different scenes in the game look more dimensional and realistic. Which features in using weapons that are in different scenes are still interesting It adds color that other fighting games do not have as well.

As for the brutality in the game, it seems to reduce the blood splashing down a bit. But the brutality of the Fatality killings or other deadly moves is still full of creativity. Which has changed during the end, unlike the previous one, with emphasis on slow shading, allowing users to feel full during the apparent impact Considered to be the presentation of Fatality in a new style that is quite cool

Another must-see is that the game has a Tutorial mode that teaches basic playing systems, both beginning to advanced levels that are very good. There is an introduction in the real situation for the players to try and press until they are expert. Or if you don’t know the rhythm, you can press the demo button to see it again Considered as a teaching model that is made out perfectly

For the play mode, there is a number that is different from the previous one. But will add a new mode like Tower of Time, which is a mode of duel like the old Classic Tower, but will increase the difficulty to another level that the enemy in each tower will have a wizard as a weapon or call out the assistant attack Which is a mode that requires a lot of patience to play Because the conditions and obstacles that the game has been used for are sometimes too difficult to bear and in the background, in addition to the number of enemies that must be increased as well Their life’s power is much easier with just a simple combo of about four sets to die. But this time, it was compressed into 10 sets, still not dead Called to fight together until discouraged

And even though the patch has already been fixed But overall, it is considered that the difficulty of this mode is only slightly reduced. Because the enemy still has the same higher health than normal Causing the collection of rewards such as gears or skin to be too poor And also having to repeatedly farm if not finding the desired item as well

The Krypt mode in this sector has changed somewhat. Because we will explore the island of Shang Tsung in Adventure style, which looks more colorful in the game than in the old Krypt mode But overall it is quite fresh Because of its purpose, it is only for us to chase open the ark around the whole island. There may be puzzles to solve or furnaces to mix items. Which is nothing more than that But it is better than opening a small boxEnding with the online mode, there is still a standard mode of play, like the other fighting games, Casual, Ranking or playing in the Lobby Room. Online is a strength that NetherRealm has done well since 2013, and online play is still smooth. That online play has become the heart of the game in this era, and Mortal Kombat 11 doesn’t disappoint us at this point.

Development Gameplay Open for new players to access easily.

Mortal Kombat 11 has changed the format. Gameplay went from many previous sectors. Start from the neutral game speed which is noticeably slower. Because of the infighting with various attack positions, starting slower than before But the distance of the basic position, kicking, punching, and farther, makes the player have to look more closely at the opponent’s weapons. Because they have to guess the attack range

For the length of combos in this sector is called very shortened. But the rhythm of pressing different positions on the combos will be the same, but for those who have used the Japanese style fighting game like Street Fighter before, they have to adjust a lot. Because the various press positions are not the same as pressing or holding But is pressing the left, right, or up and down to become a deadman And the timing of the press on the combos must be a little faster than before. Otherwise, it will be easy to release even if the combos are shorter. But practicing pressing this combo is still necessary as before. Another thing that has changed is the cutting of the X-Ray posture system that is like a big settler. Including the escape from combos as well, but with a new system Such as the settler gauge that is divided into Attack and Defense. The attack is used for special attacks that are stronger than normal. Or call in the game that Amplify is the same as in the old game

The Defense Gauge will be used in many ways. Such as using a scene aid such as a weapon or jumping away from the corner Turning over the air or Break Away and rolling away after being attacked. The game was added to the Flawless Block system, which is to reduce the Block Stun symptoms when pressing the card to receive a direct attack. Makes it easier to get some posture

And even though the X-Ray position has disappeared, the game has replaced the new system with Fatal Blow and Crushing Blow. Fatal Blow will only be used if the blood drops below 30%. Which will be the strongest attack position, similar to Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV. When using the user, there will be special armor to help prevent the attack. Crushing Blow is also a special posture that can be used once. But the use is like a big combo launcher instead Which will be attached only when using the attack position or some settlers in the form of a Kounter (such as the Deadly Uppercut position of all the characters that are the basic Crushing Blow launcher). Can help turn the situation back But must think well because the whole game can only be used both at once Causing the player to better assess the situation in using the larger posture

Finally, the Variation system received a new overhaul. From the original, there are only three types to choose from. But this time, players can customize their own variants freely. Which can choose to use up to three different types of moves Which some very good positions will be added as two slots instead Making each person’s style of play more diverse than the old one Because you can choose to put your position freely


Overall, the Gameplay in this sector is modified to be easier to understand and reduce the speed of the game. But maintaining the depth of the player’s tactics as well as the original, but more easily accessible

Beautiful images with unwanted symptoms

Although the work of Mortal Kombat 11 is more beautiful than ever. But the game still uses the Unreal Engine 3 engine that is quite old. But even the engine is old Shadow and detail in the game is not inferior to other games that use Unreal Engine 4. But don’t know because the game engine is too old Sometimes causing the game to become stumbling at certain times in many scenes, which should not happen in a fighting game where every second has value Can be changed to win immediately But on the console, there will be no problem at all. The play is smooth and normal without any stumbling symptoms.

And the most important thing is not understanding the Krypt mode, which locks the frame rate on the PC at 30 frames only, and includes various special moves. The frame rate is also limited to 30. In the part of various settlers That he understood that he wanted to have a movie-like feeling But in the mode that allows players to explore the cemetery freely, this is why it must be locked.

And before the game patch, the game had a problem that suddenly the game went off itself while viewing the information on the Menu page which was very annoying, but after the patch, these symptoms disappeared. For those who use the Xbox or PS4, it can be used immediately. No need to worry about pressing out the game before you can use it. Increase the convenience of playing with friends at home many times.Overall, in terms of performance, there is still a stumbling block that makes playing less fun at certain times. But after the patch has been modified, it has improved significantly Although there are still some signs of stumbling


It can be said that Mortal Kombat 11 has the quality that is really looking forward to, with the quality of the excellent storytelling. But the suffering of playing the Tower of Time mode to find the beautiful items from the AI ​​that took advantage of it is something that is not surprising. And the stumbling block of the little game that is frustrating enough, but Mortal Kombat 11 can elevate itself to another level. And believe that if there is nothing wrong, Mortal Kombat 11 will be able to Fatality other fighting games in 2020 to finish the line, winning the Fighting Game of the Year for sure