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Lucky Patcher APK v8.5.6 Download + Training Patching Apps

The newest version of Lucky Patcher Android
With Lucky Patcher’s latest update, the latest video tutorial is available

New version with full support for Android 6 and Android Pie 9

About Lucky Patcher

Sure, if you do not know the Lucky Patcher software, you’ll get it with a load of customer installs! With Lucky Patcher software, you’ll be able to license most of the apps and games and turn the software and games into a permanent cracker software! Now the latest version of this software, along with its video tutorial from the Apktops, is available to you by the respected visitors.

Freedom software also includes in-app payments in Lucky Patcher, and you do not need to install Freedom. If an app has an in-app payment and Lucky Patch is able to patch up, you’ll be able to pay with Lucky Patch. Do fake things.

Lucky Patcher ChelpuS Lucky Patcher Androidatributies:

Ability to remove licenses from apps and games
Ability to make in-app payments for free
Ability to remove ads from Android apps and games
Has proprietary patches for famous apps
Ability to modify Google Play
Ability to create a clone version of programs
Ability to save changes and create a version of the program

Note: To use this software, your phone must be rooted.

Lucky Patcher APK Tutorial

Lucky Patcher‘s General Software Training to Crack Android Apps:
After running Lucky Patcher, you will see the list of installed apps on your phone, each with a single color. Each of these colors has a different meaning and concept to explain them:

Green: This means that this app has a very high chance of getting stuck.

Yellow: This means that the program has a dedicated patch, and if the version of the program installed with its patch matches it, the program will crack 100%.

Bright blue: This means that the program has Google ads and can be deleted by patching the ads.

Pink: This is the program that runs on the boot list and runs automatically when Android goes up.

Pale Color: This means that it has in-app payments and you have the chance to make counterfeit payments.

Red: This means that the program does not patch and there is no chance to crack it.

Orange color: This means that the program is an Android system and should be careful about patching, and may sometimes interfere with the program.

Leaf mark: Activation indicates that Lucky has created some changes to the program.

Star sign: The ODEX file has been created with the changes applied to the application. If you delete ODEX, the program will return to the pre-patch state.

How to patch up Android apps and games in Lucky Patch

To do this, you need to touch a long time on the application to display the patch menu, and then select the type of patch you want to make changes

1- Custom Patch option:
To apply the patch is exclusive and is in the first place. If this option is enabled for the program, be sure to select it.

2- Remove License Verification:
To remove the license for the program and games, there are several options to choose from:

A. Auto Modes mode:

This section has several different modes that automatically patches the programs. It’s better to first try only the first one, and if not, try other modes like Inversed and Extreme Mode.

Also, if the app is for the Amazon or Samsung market, choose the option for it. If you have transferred the application to the SD card, select Apply Patch to Dalvik-cache.

B) Manually or manually:
In this mode, you can manually perform different patching patterns in Lucky Patcher. There are currently 7 different patterns for patching in the app. To patch manually, you must first select the Backup option.

Then enable the Internet. Select one of the patterns and hit the Patch option. Now you can test the program by selecting Launch. If the selected pattern is not working, select the Restore option and apply the next pattern. Finally, select Fix Changes when the program patches.

C) Selected Patterns mode:
If the two above modes are not working, you can also try the options available in the section.

3- Remove Google Advertisements:
With this option, you can delete the ads in the programs that have two different modes, and if the first option does not work, try the next option.

4- Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation options:
This option is special for programs that have in-app payment options. In fact, this option does the same thing as the Freedom program. After patching the program with this option, you have the chance to make in-app payments for free. After applying the pitch and running the app when choosing in-app payments, Lucky Patch’s payment options will be displayed to you.

5- Change the application’s components option:
By this option, you can disable or change components and accesses defined in the application. This option requires you to have information about how to program Android, but with the test and error, you can get the result.

6- Create a Modified APK File Option: 
You can create patched APK files by this option. This option applies the patches described above on the installer file so that the patches are not required later on. After saving the changes, the modified file in the LuckyPatcher folder is stored in the phone’s memory.

7- Remove ODEX with changes:
This option deletes the created ODEX with its changes, and the program returns to the pre-patch state.

8- Remove Selected saved File option: 
This option also removes all payments made to the program and returns the program to its original state.

9- Backup option:
This option copies the program.

10- Restore option:
This backup option restores programs.

11- Patch on Reboot option: 
This is done by the Peugeot Option option when Android is restarted. This mode is unpacked and only applies to applications that need to modify the SO library. have.

12- Manual Patcher option:
This option is only for professionals to patch programs by applying changes to the HEX fields. To use this option, you need to have Android programming.

13- Option ODEX This Application:
This option provides the ODEX version of the program.

14- Disable Package Freeze option:
With this option, you can freeze and deactivate installed applications, but still, have the application installed.

15- The Share this App option:
This option allows you to share the app.

We have explained all the options available in the Lucky Patcher program that is needed to patch up, but there is another option in the program called Toolbox, with some features included in the program, most notably the installation of Google Polystrove.

You can also change the settings of the Lucky Patcher application in the Settings section, which are more related to the interface or the appearance of the program.

Every day, the ability to add Lucky Patcher increases, and the accuracy of the program goes up, but do not forget the luck is the basis of this program and this program does not always answer 100% and everything depends on luck!

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