Lenovo Legion Y740 Review: Expectations vs. Reality

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Will Lenovo Legion Y740 Review Ever Rule the World?

Are You a  Pro Gamer? Are You looking for a heavy-duty gaming laptop in 2020? Then You’re in the right place read our review about Lenovo Legion Y740. gaming’s evolution continues. The Lenovo Legion laptop design has evolved even further to match the two sides of today’s gamers: stylish for work, Savage for play.

We’ve reimagined the gaming PC with the latest high-performance hardware from Intel and NVIDIA, housed in a thin and light, all-aluminum chassis. The 17. 3″ Lenovo Legion Y740 laptop is engineered to defy expectations and shatter limits, to deliver the Absolute pinnacle of gaming immersion. The bezels on the Y740 17-inch gaming Laptop are thinner than previous generations, delivering a captivating visual experience. You can check also 10 Best Budget Gaming Monitor Under 100 Dollars 2020

The bright, full HD display, NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, and Dolby Vision high-dynamic-range Combine to provide stunning fidelity. With the powerful Intel Core i7-8750H Processor, this computer masterpiece breaks the constraints of conventional gaming laptops.

Specifications of Lenovo Legion Y740

Screen Size: 17.3In

CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H

Display: 1920 x 1080


Item Weight: 2.9KG

Operating System: Windows 10

Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2080 Max-Q

Lenovo Legion Y740 Review:

The notebook has one of the top configurations: Intel Core i7-8750H processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics, 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD PCIe NVMe paired with a 1 TB hard drive.

Design Legion Y740

When we just unpacked the Lenovo Legion Y740, they asked us: Is this a gaming laptop? At the same time, a colleague was simultaneously surprised by this laptop. Although the Legion Y740 is quite heavy and large, it is not as attractive as the models from Predator or Alienware

There is nothing special in the design. The device looks quite simple with a square form factor. the Lenovo Y740 turned out to be a large laptop, it does not fit in a backpack. The thickness of such a device is almost 2.2 cm, and the device weighs about 2.9 kg.

Even the ROG Zephyrus S was smaller and lighter. But, there is an obvious plus. Lenovo’s Legion Y740 may be harder, but it is also stronger. The led does not flex, the keyboard does not give in even under strong pressure.

The cover has a Lenovo Legion logo with a customizable backlight. The frame around the screen has become even smaller, the model is almost the size of the 15-inch counterparts. Today, laptops like Blade are very popular, with minimal frames, so it is not surprising that top manufacturers also try to implement this. Honestly, the screen with thin frames in games makes a greater impression

Ports and connectors

As with the 17-inch version, most of the ports are located around back, on the thermal block. The port icons there face up, which is useful on its own, but they are also backlit, making finding the right connection even easier.

On this strip are two USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI port, a mini DisplayPort connection, an Ethernet jack, and the power connection. The right flank of the laptop holds another USB 3.1 port, and the left has a USB Type-C port (it also supports Thunderbolt 3 transfers) and a headset jack.

Our review unit is equipped with an Intel Core i7-8750H processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 (Max-Q-limited) graphics chip, 16GB of memory, and a 256GB solid-state drive, plus a separate 1TB hard drive. Lenovo offers several other models, mixing and matching storage capacities along with a step-down GeForce RTX 2060, but they’re otherwise very similar. Our unit has that good combination of a speedy solid-state boot drive and a roomy (secondary-storage) hard drive, while the GeForce RTX 2070 should be well equipped for full HD gaming (more on that below). Other, standard features include 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and a 720p webcam, which is located, not ideally, on the bottom bezel.

Keyboard and touchpad

Its keyboard is more similar to the one installed in the Lenovo IdeaPad since the keys are very soft when pressed. When typing large texts will have to get used to such a return, but in games it was very convenient. You will know 100% if you pressed a key or not, and the response time here is less than 1 ms. The only important point about which we want to say – instead of a digital block, it would be better to add custom keys for games here.

Performance Testing: Surprising Speed and Power

For performance-testing comparisons, I picked a handful of gaming laptops that are similarly priced, similarly equipped, or both. Most of these are other GeForce RTX machines, some of them mentioned earlier, but there’s an older GeForce GTX favorite to add some context for graphics performance. A cheat sheet of the key components in each unit is below

Gaming performance

The synthetic tests above are helpful for measuring general 3D aptitude, but it’s hard to beat full retail video games for judging gaming performance. Far Cry 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider are both modern AAA titles with built-in benchmark schemes. These tests are run at 1080p on both the moderate and maximum graphics-quality presets (Normal and Ultra for Far Cry 5; Medium and Very High for Rising of the Tomb Raider) to judge performance for a given laptop



After fully recharging the laptop, we set up the machine in power-save mode (as opposed to balanced or high-performance mode) and make a few other battery-conserving tweaks in preparation for our unplugged video rundown test. (We also turn Wi-Fi off, putting the laptop in Airplane mode.) In this test, we loop a video—a locally stored 720p file of the Blender Foundation short film Tears of Steel—with screen brightness set at 50 percent and volume at 100 percent until the system conks out.

Though we wouldn’t blame shoppers for wanting a bit more flash from their gaming laptop’s chassis at this price, the Legion Y740 has a lot going for it. Lenovo isn’t charging a premium for a super-slim design or fancy materials, but it still offers many of the key features of its pricier competition, including G-Sync, a high-refresh-rate display, and a potent GeForce RTX graphics chip.

Should I buy?

Yes. With the RTX 2080 Max-Q video card, Legion Y740 performance is what you need for hard games. The laptop is cheaper, Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 with the same video card and the same basic characteristics.


Unique design.

Productive display.

Adjustable RGB backlight.

High gaming performance.


Inconvenient keyboard.

Thicker and heavier than competitors.

Bad battery life.

Lenovo Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop, 17.3 Inch FHD (1920 X 1080) G-SYNC IPS...
  • 17. 3" Fhd (1920 x 1080) Display with Refresh rates up to 144 Hz and brightness levels at 300 nits, Plus an immersive video experience with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.
  • Intel Core i7-8750H Processor delivers exceptional performance Designed to support the latest gaming experiences.
  • Made to connect, with built-in wireless and Bluetooth, HDMI, USB-C, USB 3. 1, and more. Want privacy? The 720P webcam includes a privacy shutter for your convenience.

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