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KPN Tunnel Rev (Official-Adfree) v1.4 Stable Apk

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KPN Tunnel Rev
KPN Tunnel Rev

 KPN Tunnel Revolution has been released (Official) V1.4 Stable Apk, for the application please download via the link that I have provided, or can directly download through the Play store.

KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official) V1.4 Stable Apk is an update application from KPN Tunnel which has been equipped with special features and is quite promising, one of the features of the  KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official) V1.3 Stable Apk is a feature added direct SSL, SSL to HTTP Proxy.

This KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official) has a lot of differences with the version of the tunnel and tunnel ultimate, in terms of the appearance of the logo and some of the latest displays that recruit me are quite different and cooler compared to the VPN tunnel and ultimate versions, besides the config from KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official) this extension is .ktr and can only import / load config with the extension .ktr as well, so it automatically config KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official) cannot be used in VPN tunnel or tunnel ultimate, and vice versa.

KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official) can be used as a replacement because as I have explained above, KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official) supports payload SSL support so you can make KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official) as a substitute for Android

KPN Tunnel Revolution (Official)
Continue the project with more experiments and new fresh lighter style projects for the KPN (Official) Tunnel.
Pure writing from zero for better performance and better lighter style.
The first application is tunneled through a built-in SSH tunnel via an SSL / TLS connection. (why do I know SSH Tunneling is safe, but we feel this is not enough, so we add a safer method with SSL / TLS connections). You can see how to use the SSH Tunnel via SSL / TLS in “About” this Application.


  • Direct proxy. (Tunneling via SSH Tunnel Directly to the SSH Server).
  • Direct SSL / TLS (Tunneling via SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server via SSL / TLS Connection).
  • HTTP proxy. (Tunneling through the SSH Tunnel via HTTP Proxy)
  • SSL / TLS Proxy. (Tunneling through the SSH Tunnel via SSL / TLS Proxy).
  • SSL / TLS Proxy> HTTP Proxy. (Tunneling through the SSH Tunnel with TLS / SSL via HTTP Proxy).
  • Many more …

Bugs / Issues?

  • Android 4.0 only supports TLSv1 and SSLv3 only (Android System), so your TLS / SSL server must be used/activated TLSv1 and SSLv3.
  • Android 4.1-4.2 TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 are not activated by the Default System like Android 5.0+, so we add the power that allows TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for safer updates.
  • If other problems/bugs are found, please contact me. 🙂

Need Rooted Devices?

Some features are needed such as:
VPN Tether (bypassing all Tether Hotspots via the VPN Interface).
and soon we add more features.

SSH + SSL Server Requirements:

If you use TLS / SSL mode you must install and set up the Stunnel4 library. You can get the original stunnel4 library at
You can search for “how to setup/install Stunnel4” on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. for the OS used by your Virtual Private Server (VPS).
In Proxy Type “Direct TLS / SSL” Mode & “TLS / SSL Proxy> HTTP Proxy” please setup stunnel to connect to the server’s ssh (dropbear / openssh) port.
In Proxy Type Mode “TLS / SSL Proxy” please setup tunnel to connect to the Squid port.
We are recommended to activate all TLS and SSL protocol versions to keep support with Android 4.0 to newer, why? See the problem/bug above.

TLS / SSL Client Side (VPN tunnel Revolution App):
We use the Socket TLS / SSL method using the TrustAll Certificate (X509 Certificate), so you don’t need a client key and certificate from the SSL Server. I know this method is not safe, so in other updated versions we can add key & cert client support to get a better secure connection. 🙂

* What has Fixed?
+ Main Thread Safe.
+ Callback Interface.
+ Show tasks on Recent App.
+ Minor Bugs and more …

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