Jazz Internet Packages – Daily,Weekly,Monthly Internet Bundles 2020

Jazz Internet Packages
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Mobilink 3G/4G Internet Packages – Jazz Daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet Bundles (Aug 2020)


jazz internet packages latest updates jazz daily internet package, Jazz Weekly internet package, Jazz Monthly internet Packages list is Here. Jazz is the country’s fastest mobile network. This is significant because not only is Jazz the largest operator of the country, but also has the largest mobile internet user base of over 20 million customers. Now, as Pakistan’s fastest data network provider, Jazz consistently looks to offer subscribers the best online experience.

Note: Packages Price Update Now. Tax Rate Added

We are Sharing Jazz Internet Bundles Details for Both Prepaid & Postpaid Customer. If You are Using Jazz HEC Sim Then Check

Jazz Hec Sim Packages, Activation Code, Details 2020

If You are Zong HEC User Visit:

Zong HEC Packages Code And Details 2020

Complete Details of Mobilink Jazz 4G Packages 2020:

We have divided Jazz Internet Packages into Category So You Can Find Easly Your, daily jazz internet packages, weekly, monthly, 3-days, Jazz 4G Data-SIM internet Packages, and 4G Postpaid Packages, etc.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages 3G/4G

Mobilink /Jazz introduces Daily Internet Bundles For Their Customers. Jazz User Can Activation Daily internet Bundle According To Their Need. Jazz Daily Internet Includes  Hourly, Facebook, Whatsapp & SMS, Daily Browser Here is The Complete Details

Offer Details Volume Price Activation Code Status Code Validity
Daily Browser 50 MB Rs. 10+t *117*11# *117*11*2# 1 day
Daily Social 200 MB for Facebook & WhatsApp Rs. 5+t *114*5# *114*5*2# 24 hours
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Whatsapp: 10 MBs SMS: 1,800 Rs. 6+t *334# *334*2# Unsubscribe: *334*4# 1 Days
Daily Social Recursive 200 MBs for Facebook & Whatsapp Rs. 5+t *455# = 24 Hourly Recursive
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak) Volume: 100 MBs (24 Hrs) 1100 MB in Off Peak (2 am-2 pm) Rs. 20+t *117*4# *117*4*2# 24 Hrs
Internet Hourly Extreme 2,000 MB Rs. 17+t *846# *117*24*2# Next 2 Hours
Daily Social Recursive 200 MBs for Facebook & Whatsapp Rs. 5+t *455# *455*2# 24Hours

Jazz 3-Days Internet Packages

Jazz brings some very Low Budget internet bundles for the members of the Jazz Customers. These bundles automatically expire after three days. These internet packages vary in price and time duration. So, you can select the internet bundle that suits your data needs. These are for the users who need data volume for browsing their favorite stuff. Jazz brings two attractive packages in this context. Check Details below.

Offer Details Volume Price Activation Code Status Code Validity
3 Day Browser 100MB PKR 25+t Dial *117*1# *117*1*2# 3 Days
3 Day Extreme 500 MB Rs 17.9+t *114*14# *114*14*2# 3 days (2AM – 2PM)

Now Jazz and Warid prepaid customers can enjoy any of the internets offers on LTE, 3G, and 2G. Customers can dial *443# for prepaid internet menu and *446# for postpaid internet menu.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

If Your a little heavy internet user than Jazz weekly internet bundle is suitable for You. Most Users Want To Watch Online Video like on Youtube or Facebook. Some of Them Want To Download Software, Movies, etc. Overall Mobilink Weekly internet Bundles is Suitable for Most Jazz Internet Users Below is the Complete list of Weekly internet Packages.

Offer Details Volume Price Activation Code Status Code Validity
*Jazz New SIM Offer 1500MB (1500 SMS, 1500 Jazz, Warid minutes) Rs. 99+t Dial *989# *989*2# 7 day
Jazz Weekly Streamer 1GB Rs. 124 *117*7# *117*7*2# 7 days
Weekly Premium 2000MBs Rs. 132+t *117*47# *117*47*2# 7 days
Weekly Mega 5000MB Rs. 147 *159# *159*2# 7 days
Weekly Mega Plus Volume: 20,000 MBs | 10GB 24 Hrs 10GB 2AM – 2PM Rs. 312 *453# *453*2# 7 Days
Weekly – Extreme 2500MB Rs. 71+t *117*14# *117*14*2# 7 days (2AM – 2PM)
- - - - - -
Mega Super Duper Weekly MBs: 10000 Jazz+ Warid Minutes: 2500 Other Network Minutes: 50 SMS: 2500 Rs. 389 *505# *505*2# 7 days
Weekly Bundle-Once Off SMS: 1,500 WhatsApp: 25 MBs Rs. 23.3 *101*1*07# *101*2*07# 7 Days

*Jazz New SIM Offer can be availed only for once. The net bundle and SMS cannot be used from 9 PM to 9 AM whereas, call minutes cannot be availed from 6 PM to 10 PM.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz, previously known as ‘Mobilink’, is among the biggest networks of Pakistan. It had been established in 1994 and became the voice of Pakistan when you look at the 12 months 1999 12 months. It was previously launched under the title of Mobilink (PMCL) and its particular solutions being fascinating urged the individuals of Pakistan to consider the Mobilink life-style. When you look at the year 2015, obtained another system this is certainly big of known as ‘Warid’. Both these are serving an incredible number of customers in Pakistan with 37% of this share of the market that is total.

Jazz could be the selection of every Pakistani. The network now provides you with a true quantity of Monthly Internet bundles in Cheap prices. Jazz offers the best packages that are everyday ‘Jazz Monthly Supreme Package’. Being probably one of the most admired systems of Pakistan, Jazz has introduced the Many Monthly Internet Package because of its consumers. Let’s Find out Jazz Monthly Internet Packages Details:

Offer Details Volume Price Activation Code Status Code Validity
Jazz Monthly Browser Package 2500 MB Rs. 210+t *117*77# *117*77*2# 30 days
Monthly Mega 4200MB Rs. 466* *117*31# *117*31*2# 30 days
Internet Monthly Extreme 5,000 MB Rs. 120+t *117*34# *117*34*2# 30 days (2AM-2PM)
Monthly – Browser 2500 MB Rs. 210 *117*77# *117*77*2# 30 days
Monthly Mega Plus 7500 MB Rs. 777* *117*30# *117*30*2# 30 days
Monthly Supreme 12,000 MB Rs. 1165* 117*32# *117*32*2# 30 days

Jazz Dongle Internet Packages

Jazz Wingle/Wifi that is 4G Enable

Jazz 3G/4G Wifi Wingle is another play and plugs USB device that can be connected to one’s PCs/Laptops for internet connectivity. The unit also deploys a WiFi network which can let the users connect multiple devices. This device needs to be constantly linked to a charged power supply if the internet has to be used. The users can either connect the device to standard USB ports on PCs or they can install the device for a USB wall surface that is certified plug.

15GB/Month Rs. 999+t *117*71# *117*71*2# *117*71*4#
36GB/Month Rs. 1500+t *117*73# *117*73*2# *117*73*4#
75GB/Month Rs. 2500+t *117*74# *117*74*2# *117*74*4#

You Can Simply Active These Internet Package suing Jazz Website:

Jazz Dongle Upgrade/Downgrade Later Process:
Step 1: All bundle upgrade/downgrade requests submitted through portal will be saved on the system for further processing.
Step 2: System will automatically check remaining volume and expiry of customer’s current bundle when remaining data volume is less than 70 MB OR remaining bundle expiry is less than 24 hours then request for upgrade/downgrade will be initiated.
Step 3: After request initiation, if the customer has enough balance for bundle upgrade/downgrade, then the system will unsubscribe the customer’s current bundle and upgrade/downgrade to the customer’s desired bundle.

MBB Bundle Terms & Conditions

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages – 3G/4G Internet Packages

If You’re a Postpaid Mobilink User Than You Can Subscribe Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages – 3G/4G Internet Packages

Monthly Streamer Package Rs. 300 4000 MB Dial *446# 30 Days
Monthly Premium Package Rs. 500 5000 MB Dial *446# 30 Days
Monthly Supreme Package Rs. 800 8000 MB Dial *446# 30 Days
Monthly Mega Package Rs. 1200 12000 MB Dial *446# 30 Days
Monthly Ultimate Package Rs. 2000 25000 MB Dial *446# 30 Days

Jazz postpaid Internet bundles enable you to enjoy unlimited entertainment on your mobile phone; whether it’s browsing, streaming videos and music, connecting with your friends or checking your emails.

Now, you can choose from a variety of Internet bundles and get to enjoy a world of unlimited possibilities!

Bundle Volume Price
Monthly Streamer 2000 MBs Rs. 250
Monthly Premium 5000 MBs Rs. 500
Monthly Supreme 14000 MBs Rs. 800
Monthly Super 24000 MBs Rs. 1200
Monthly Ultimate 50000 MBs Rs. 2,200
Jazz Add Ons Volume Price
Data Add On 1 1000 MBs Rs. 200
Data Add On 2 2000 MBs Rs. 300
Data Add On 3 4000 MBs Rs. 400
Data Add On 4 400MBs Rs. 100

Mobile TV For Postpaid

Enhance your media experience and enjoy: music, sports and news channels on your smartphone with the Jazz TV application.

Download the Jazz TV application on your phone from the app stores or visit the link:

User flow:

Smartphone users can download Jazz TV from their respective stores by searching “Jazz TV“ and install the application. Jazz TV is available on Play store for Android, App store for Apple devices as well as on Windows store for Window phone
All channels are set to the locked mode when the application is downloaded. The user can click on any channel or click on the link in the subscription menu of the App to subscribe to bundles. Based on the prepaid or postpaid profile, bundles will be shown accordingly.
For Prepaid user:

Daily bundle: PKR 10 (Unlocks all channels with FUP, valid for 1 day )
Weekly Bundle: PKR 50 (Unlocks all channels with FUP, valid for 7 days)
Monthly Bundle: PKR 200 (Unlocks all channels with FUP, valid for 30 days)

For Postpaid user:

Monthly Bundle: PKR 200 ( Valid for 50 hours of streaming or 30 days. Unlocks all channels
Terms and conditions:

All users have to either be activated on 3G or need to activate their 3G to avail the offer

Terms & Conditions

The price includes the tax.

The packages are for all 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

The actual internet speed depends on the distance from the network station.

You will not be charged for dialing the Status codes.

If you have sufficient account balance, the bundles will be automatically re-subscribed at midnight.

If you have consumed the bucket within the given limit, 0.30 Rs/MB will be charged.

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