How To Increase RAM On Your Android Phone || 2019

Increase RAM On Your Android
How To Increase RAM On Your Android Phone || 2019
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Increase RAM On Your Android is not an Easy task. When you have a smartphone for a while it can start to feel slow. RAM that is the random access memory can be the issue. Ram is the place where your device towards temporary files and resources and when a program needs something rather than pulling it all the way from the memory. it quickly pulls out those files from the RAM giving you smoother and seamless user experience


When You Trying To Play Heavy Games Like PUBG Mobile you will face game lagging. So if You have Less Ram in Mobile Phone You can Face Slow Speed.

Increase RAM On Your Android

Increase RAM On Your Android

Generally speaking, the Android device is pretty accurate at RAM management, and modern smartphones pack extra than enough memory to get the job done, so RAM issues on Android gadgets are mostly an aspect of the past. Nonetheless, if you have an older machine or are troubleshooting the motives for a slowdown on your phone, then we can take a appear at how to conserve the RAM to see if it might help.

let’s make some RAM so in order to expand your RAM you will need three things number

  1. A Good Quality SD CARD
  2. A Rooted Mobile Phone
  3. RamExpander APK

Download and Install Latest Version MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check. Now Open Ran Expander and Tap on Run Experimental Test increase ran in androidThen select your SD card location and after the test is completed if a window saying congratulations pop up then you’re good to go if not then try it again still if you get no congratulation pop-up then your device kernel probably does not supports Ram expansionOpen ROEHSOFT RAM Expander SWAP APK make sure that your device is connected to the internet don’t forget to grant the root permissions to this app you’ll see a bunch of options and numbers you can either manually configure each one of these settings individually or you can simply tap on the optimal value button and the app will automatically configure all the values based on your device and with that 90% of the work is done.

  1. Open ROEHSOFT RAM Expander
  2. Tap on Optimal Value
  3. Select The Amount of Swap File Size Recommend 1GB
  4. Tap on Swap Active Button
  5. Select External SD Card and Tap Again Swap Active Button

depending on the amount of RAM you want to create it can take between 2 to 15 minutes and it’s almost done. it’s a virtual RAM, not a hardware-based Ram.but it will function similar to your internal Ram.

So earlier when a device on a certain app needed more RAM and there was simply not enough RAM the app or the game slowed down or lagged a lot due to insufficient RAM. But now after expanding a ram when a device needs more RAM the virtual RAM  that you have just created will be utilized giving you a smoother experience.

Now one really basic thing that you should understand is that there are several other factors like CPU frequency number of cores cache memory app optimization for your device background activities and RAM that affects the speed and performance of your device.

Which means RAM alone cannot speed your device but it will help apps which require more to run faster on your device that’s how ROM work. However, you won’t see a huge boost in performance in daily activities and apps that uses less RAM as your hardware Ram will pretty much do the job.

So while playing low-end games on high-end devices with sufficient RAM you won’t see any boost in performance however you’ll definitely notice a significant improvement in speeds and performance. Especially while playing high-end games on low-end devices or devices with low amount of RAM and that’s enough knowledge for today

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