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Huawei Will Release Stylish Smart Glasses

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During the presentation of the new P30 and P30 Pro smartphones yesterday, Huawei also unveiled several new accessories for smartphones, including a new set of wireless headphones and a portable battery that can provide 40-watt charging for smartphones, tablets, and even some laptops.

Huawei will release stylish smart glasses

Huawei will release stylish smart glasses

The company also announced a partnership with the South Korean company Gentle Monster. This summer, the two companies are planning to release smart glasses with built-in microphones and speakers that will allow you to take phone calls or use a voice assistant without taking the smartphone out of your bag or pocket.

It is expected that the glasses are not earlier than the current summer, so we may have to wait a few months to learn about styles, prices and regional availability.

It is known that the glasses are equipped with dual microphones for noise reduction and stereo speakers, designed to send sound to your ears without its leakage to the outside world. Points have a class of protection against moisture and dust IP67. They also support Bluetooth, NFC and come with a case for wireless charging, which is equipped with a 2200 mAh battery and USB-C connector.

Unlike Google Glass, these smart glasses do not have an integrated camera. In fact, they look more like headphones with voice support, which are simply built into stylish glasses, which means that you are more likely to wear them when you need headphones.

On the other hand, this may just be another way to justify the incredible mark-ups on glasses, although recently manufacturers of glasses do not seem to bother themselves with any excuses.

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