Honor V20 Will Be The First Smartphone With Ark Compiler

Honor V20
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Today, Honor President Zhao Min announced that the Honor V20 will be the first smartphone to receive the recently announced Ark compiler. According to Huawei, the performance can be significantly improved without updating the smartphone hardware, as a result of which the system will become smoother and the application will be able to work faster. “The super speed experience will appear in Honor V20 in early May,” says Min.

Honor V20

Honor V20

At the official launch of the Huawei P30 series in China, Huawei announced the “Ark compiler,” which, according to the company, can significantly improve the performance of the Android system by optimizing at the architecture level.

According to the official presentation, the Ark compiler is a revolutionary breakthrough in Android performance. This is the industry’s first multilingual optimization compiler. It is reported that the Ark compiler can complete the compilation of all code in the development environment. After the application is installed on a mobile phone, the program can run at full speed without relying on virtual resources, which greatly improves efficiency.

Huawei claims that the Ark compiler can improve the speed of the system by 24%, the speed of its response by 44% and third-party applications by 60%. As the Android system, Huawei’s Ark compiler is open source, and Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Technology, encouraged application developers to continue working on this feature that can bring a new experience.

Simple definition Ark compiler :
The applications compiled with Ark compiler comes with performance improvement by 24%, response speed improvement by 44%, and the smoothness of the third-party application up to 60%.

Google allows manufacturers to customize the Android system as they see fit. As a result, the final performance of the same version of Android on devices from different manufacturers may be completely different.