How You Can Get and Install New Emoji on Android 2020

Emoji on Android
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In 2020, it’s quite a common thing to say that without emojis, the facebook chat or WhatsApp conversation would be so boring, isn’t it? The craziness of these little icons has totally changed the way we communicate on Social media. It enables a person expressing their feelings more realistically and therefore it became a crucial part of our Android experience.

Most Android smartphones have the emojis pre-installed but if you are using an outdated device or Android version then there are numbers of ways to enable this feature and take the full benefits of these tiny pictures. In this article, we will show you how to enable the emojis feature on your device and later how to get more emojis on the Android to make your communication experience better than ever.

How to Activate or Enable Emojis on Android

Activate or Enable Emojis on Android

Activate or Enable Emojis on Android

Here we will show you how to get those downloaded to your phone manually. Basically, Android 4.1 or higher versions like Android Q come with a set of stock emojis. In order to activate the emojis on Android 4.1 or higher, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your device and tap on Settings.
get new emoji on android


  1. Scroll down and tap the “Language & input” options.

language and input

  1. Look out for the option that says “Keyboard and Input Methods” then tap on “Google Keyboard”.


  1. Then choose the “Advanced” option followed by Emoji for the physical keyboard. Now your device should recognize emojis.

But if you want to get more new emojis or if you want to install third-party emojis apps then please check the recommendation below.

How to Get or Install New Emoji on Android

#1: SwiftKey – Best Emoji Keyboard App for Android

SwiftKey – Best Emoji Keyboard App for Android

SwiftKey is the best swipe keyboard from Microsoft. The keyboard learns your writing style, so you can type faster. Use your personalized keyboard to type and send emoji, GIFs and more just the way you like.

#2: Ginger Keyboard– Best Emoji Keyboard App for Android

While other well-known keyboards such as Gboard and Swiftkey offer auto-correction on the current word only, Ginger Keyboard checks your whole sentences using a unique Contextual Grammar and Spell Check proofreader. Either you want to send a short fine chat message or long complex quality email, with Ginger Keyboard you are all covered!

#3: WhatsApp – Best Chatting App for Emoji

That’s correct. WhatsApp supports emojis no matter which Android device you are using. Simply install the app free from Google Play Store and start using the emojis feature flawlessly. You can even use those emojis to update your status on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.

#4: GO Keyboard – Best Keyboard App for Emoji

GO Keyboard - Cute Emojis, Themes and GIFs

GO Keyboard – Cute Emojis, Themes and GIFs

GO Keyboard is an application that replaces the traditional keyboard on Android with a newer one that is easier to use and has more features. This can improve how you type and work.

Among the many features in GO Keyboard, you can find support for many different languages. This means that it not only recognizes the words you type but also changes the layout based on the language you are using.

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