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Game Loop Emulator Free Download By Tencent PUBG

Game loop Emulator

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Game loop emulator for PUBG Mobile released by Tencent Games

  • Tencent has just released an official PC Game loop emulator for PUBG Mobile on the Tencent Gaming Buddy platform.
  • Controls and graphics are adapted to mouse and keyboard use, but still, don’t compare to the original PUBG.
  • The emulator is still in beta, but cross-play between PC and mobile players is already available.

It’s a New Update of Old Tencent Gaming Buddy, but the PC emulator for PUBG Mobile Lite offers the exactly the same game that has been available on mobile devices since mid-2018. Controls have been remapped for mouse and keyboard, but they haven’t been completely optimized. The HUD is still clearly made for touch screen devices and still prompts users to tap on parts of the screen for certain commands.

Graphics are obviously nowhere near the unique Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for PC, and for now, it’s capped at 30 fps. That may be excellent on a smartphone, but the standards for PC gaming are a great deal higher. Many players are requesting 60fps guide in the game’s authentic forum, as well as fixes for texture troubles and other bugs.

That said, the emulator for PUBG Mobile runs on a good deal decrease spec machines than the minimal required through the authentic PUBG. Combined with PUBG Mobile Lite, which makes PUBG Mobile playable on nearly any price range cell device, this means that just about something more effective than a kitchen toaster can play PUBG.

Game Loop Emulator Free Download

NameGame Loop
Size 10MB
Requires Windows 10,8,7
Version v0.14.0
Updated Aug 7, 2019

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