Fix GeForce Experience “Something Went Wrong” Error on a Windows Computer

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How to Fix GeForce Experience “Something Went Wrong” Error on a Windows Computer

Presently, most customers opt for either NVIDIA or AMD if they need a good video card for reasonable money. If you are an experienced computer user dealing not only with programs but also hardware, you know that after installing a new NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, you need to install some drivers for your new product to operate properly. Unfortunately, ever proper installation of drives doesn’t guarantee the problem-free operation of your new video card.

Thus, currently, the latest NVIDIA graphics cards not only pamper their owners with exceptional performance and good value for money, but also upset them with unexpected crashes that may stem from outdated drivers, software errors, and other causes. When your GeForce Experience fails to operate properly, you may end up seeing the following message: “​NVIDIA ​GeForce Experience something went wrong​, try restarting GeForce Experience.” Should it be the case, don’t worry or succumb to panic. You’ll definitely find a workable solution in our article.

Why My GeForce Experience Doesn’t Work

So, you’re seeing the annoying error message and don’t know what to do next. We suggest that you check the drivers you’re running on your PC at this moment. The point is that Windows 10 users often have problems with GeForce Experience in case they run Qualcomm Atheros, which, due to some unclear reasons, may be responsible for the conflict between Windows 10 and GeForce.

Fix GeForce Experience “Something Went Wrong”

Try fixing the problem by clean installing the troublesome drivers. To do it, accessing the “Settings” section in NVIDIA Driver Service and select the required option from there.
It’s also possible that things will get back to normal once you avail yourself of the recovery option. As you know, it will take your PC back to the point in time where your graphics card-operated properly and no errors were detected.

What Can I Do to Fix the Problem?

If the methods suggested haven’t yielded expected results, try doing the following:
Launch the Windows Services Manager on your computer.

To do it, you can press Win and R simultaneously.

Type “​services.msc”​ into the field and hit Enter.

Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to use the Services menu. ​


From the menu, check if the services’ startup time is just the same as in the example below:

● NVIDIA Display Container LS – Startup type: Automatic
● NVIDIA Network Service Container – Startup type: Manual
● NVIDIA LocalSystem Container – Startup type: Automatic
● NVIDIA LocalSystem Container – Startup type: Automatic
● NVIDIA GeForce Experience Backend Service – Startup type: Automatic (Delayed Start)
● NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service – Startup type: Automatic (Delayed Start)
● NVIDIA Telemetry Container service – Startup type: Automatic


Check if all the services are running at this moment. Make sure to activate every service that happened to be inactive. You can perform this procedure manually by double-clicking the process and changing its characteristics from the “Properties” section. It’s also possible to restart the process by selecting Stop and clicking Start.

Manufacturers always emphasize that time updating your drivers is a key to the smooth and trouble-free operation of your hardware. So, if you’re still crusading to address the annoying “Something Went Wrong” problem, you may try updating your current drivers.

As you know, all the updates released by NVIDIA can be found on the company’s official website.

So, you’ll need to visit it in the first place.

Navigate to the “Downloads” section to find out if there are new updated available for your car model.

We recommend that you check for available updates at least once a month. Once the required update is discovered, don’t hesitate to install new drivers onto your computer. It will help you avoid unnecessary problems with your video card in the future.

Once you avail yourself of the new drivers, make sure to clean install them.

● We suggest that you try Display Driver Uninstaller, the program that has been developed specifically to smoothly remove outdated drivers and other unnecessary software elements.

Once you finish installing updated drivers, don’t forget to reboot your PC for the changes to come into effect.

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