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Here is FBR Mobile Tax List of 2020 For Pakistani Only

Written by William

A notification has been issued by the FBR. According to the notification, Rs 135 has been taxed on mobile worth up to $ 30 while the heavy tax has been imposed on import of vehicle. We are Sharing Mobile Tax list 2020 Issued By FBR. 

The Federal Board of Revenue has made an exchange in the personal baggage regulations and as a result of that, Pakistanis will now have to pay tax on each and every mobile phone they bring to the country. First You have To Register You Account on PTA DIRBS Website fill details and see your mobile tax details.


How much is a tax on a mobile?

Here is Tax list of Different Mobile Phones in Pakistan.

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FBR says selling cigarettes at lower prices than retail price will be a crime, Federal excise duty on unprocessed tobacco has been reduced from 300 to Rs 10.

Meanwhile, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has increased the federal excise duty on cement from Rs 1.5 per kg to Rs 2 per kg.

The FBR, on the other hand, also imposed heavy taxes on vehicles. 30% duty will be charged on import of over 3,000 cc vehicles.

According to the FBR, two-and-a-half percent of the duty has been imposed on two thousand cc vehicles, two and a half percent on 1800 cc. Up to 7% duty will be levied on local vehicles up to C and 7% on CC vehicles.


Q1. Can I bring one mobile phone to Pakistan without payment of duty/taxes?

Ans: Yes, a passenger is allowed to bring one mobile phone without payment of
duty/taxes provided his stay abroad is more than seven days. Such allowance will only
be admissible once during the year.

Q2. If I bring more than one Mobile Phone, do I need to pay duty/taxes?

Ans: Yes, only one mobile phone will be allowed free of duty/taxes. In the case of other
mobile phones, applicable duty/taxes will be paid.

Q3. Do I have to pay duty/taxes on a mobile phone which I have been using in
Pakistan after returning from abroad?

Ans: No. A mobile phone in the personal use of passenger, which has been activated/
registered in Pakistan, does not require registration/payment of duty/taxes on his return
to Pakistan being a case of re-import of baggage. Such a case will be treated
independently of the allowances admissible to mobile devices under the baggage rules.

Q4. How and where can I register my mobile device if I forget to declare the same
on arrival at the airport?

Ans: The passenger can approach the nearest customs office for registration of the
a mobile device within 15 days of the arrival date.

Q5. Can I avail the allowances admissible under the baggage rules if I forget to
declare at the time of arrival at the airport?

Ans: Yes, the international passenger can avail admissible allowances at the time of
registration at the customs office.

Q6. I am roaming in Pakistan; will I be able to use my mobile device in Pakistan?

Ans. Yes, Roamers will be able to use their mobile devices as per DIRBS SOP. The
The system will accommodate visitors to Pakistan from overseas who are here for the short
visit for personal or business purpose as following.

i. A foreign roamer is allowed to continue using foreign SIMs without any time
limit and without getting CoC from PTA.

ii. If a roamer starts using a local SIM in his/her mobile device, he/she will not be
considered a roamer and will be required to fulfill the conditions of a
compliant device.

iii. Such user will be notified of the deficiency of his/her mobile device through
SMS and will have 30 days to complete the requirements before the noncompliant mobile device is blocked.
iv. If the visitor wants to use local SIM for a period longer than 30 days, he/she
is required to get the CoC from PTA along with payment of duty/taxes.



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