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Exhibition MWC 2019: The Mobile World Congress exhibition each year demonstrates to the public a multitude of innovative technologies. This year, we met with the Nokia 9 PureView with five rear cameras, a stunning flexible smartphone Huawei Mate X, Microsoft HoloLens 2 and many other interesting products.

Along with innovative smartphones and wearable devices, really strange technologies were shown at the MWC 2019; products that make us wonder why they were made and for whom they were intended.

We have collected some of the most unusual products from this year’s exhibition.

ZTE 5G robots playing the piano and drums

Robots today will not surprise anyone. This year, the Chinese technology giant ZTE brought an orchestra of three robots to the exhibition. On the left, a pair of robotic hands play the piano, on the right – another third robot, armed with one stick, beats the drum.

Speeches interested visitors to the exhibition, especially when the robots turned and bowed around the crowd.

The presented ZTE robots are somehow connected with 5G, one of the main buzzwords of this year’s exhibition. However, the presence of a fifth-generation cellular connection by eye could not be determined.

Crosscall Trekker-X4: Extreme Gadget

Exhibition MWC 2019
Exhibition MWC 2019

Tracker-X4 is designed for mountain biking, abseilers and other extreme lovers who record their achievements. Crosscall Tracker-X4 is very similar to a mixture of GoPro and a secure Android smartphone, such as the CAT S61.

But several features make the device stand out from ordinary smartphones. First of all, it is an interesting system of two cameras. One camera is designed to take photographs, and the other with an ultra-wide 170-degree field of view — to capture video (up to 4K at 120 frames per second).

Cross calls Hypertab technology also provides additional optical stabilization. It comes with vibration even when you are racing along a mountain path. Tracker-X4 also has an IP68 protection class, so all typical ports are missing to prevent water, dirt, dust or sand from getting inside. Charging and data transfer is carried out through a semi-magnetic magnetic contact on the rear panel.

Cylinder and T-shirt Royale

Exhibition MWC 2019
Exhibition MWC 2019

Folding smartphones, along with 5G, were one of the main topics of conversation at the MWC 2019, but Royale reminded us that flexible displays are not always designed for smartphones and some things, such as the cylinder, are a vivid reminder of this.

Exhibition MWC 2019
Exhibition MWC 2019

The idea is that you can transfer any photos and videos to 8-inch displays with a resolution of about 2K using RoStyle apps for iOS and Android, and then the software will play them.

Although MWC had several prototypes and concepts for flexible devices, such as TCL dragonhide or Huawei Mate X, no one could touch them. In contrast, a top hat and a Royale T-shirt are real products that you can buy right now.

Just keep in mind that these things are expensive – $ 900 for each or $ 1,300 for both.

Lexon Oblio: a mug that will charge and clean your smartphone

It seems that the popularity of wireless charging is gradually growing, but this offer from Lexon takes it to a new level.

Oblio is a small mug, which is a 10-watt charger. You can put a smartphone in it so that it replenishes its charge. In addition, ultraviolet light is used to clean the smartphone from bacteria and germs.Exhibition MWC 2019 The Most Unusual and Strange Gadgets 1

Lexon claims that after 30 minutes of charging, 99.9% of bacteria and germs will disappear from the smartphone.

MyKi Pet: pet wearable device

If you love your fitness bracelet and would like your dog or cat to have the same one, MyKi satisfies this demand with the help of a new GPS collar for animalsExhibition MWC 2019 The Most Unusual and Strange Gadgets 2

The collar allows you to use GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular reception to track your pet indoors or outdoors. To use the device need a SIM-card.

On Google Maps, the device has a history feature to track the movement of a pet. It is also much smaller and thinner than other pet trackers, so it doesn’t look ugly on a pet.