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Download PLDT WiFi APK+ PC for hacking WiFi Password 2019

Download PLDT WiFi apk
Download PLDT WiFi APK+ PC for hacking WiFi Password 2019
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HACK PLDT Wifi APK can hack into PLDT based network. PLDT is an internet network provider based in the Philippines. By using PLDT WiFi hacker APK, you can generate the default password of any PLDT wifi modem. PLDT APK Works in Rooted Mobiles Phones Only. Download PLDT WiFi APK 2019 link Given Below

PLDT wifi hacker APK download blood security is Develope for Test The Security of Wifi Network. It’s Not Easy To Crack Wifi network How ever Some Wifi Portiacle Still Have Weak points. PLDR is a Philippine Telephone Company Operates Own’s operates its wireless cellular services through its subsidiaries, namely Smart, TNT, and Sun Cellular.

Download PLDT WiFi APK

Download PLDT WiFi APK

Note that this PLDT Wifi hacker will only work when used on the  PLDT based network connection. Also, it can only hack a default password that has not been changed by the user.

How to use PLDT WiFi APK for hacking WiFi Password

First Of All Download PLDT WiFi APK

=> Download PLDT WiFi

=>  ES File Explorer Pro  APK

Note: It’s not hacking but it will only view password that has not been changed the default password
Android Phone ( Exclude Galaxy Young )

If the name of the wifi is PldtMyDSL_XXX or the name of the wifi was included customer name you may proceed manual hacking (VIA BSSID)

Sample For PLDT WiFi

BSSID: 34:cd:be:dd:99:6a
Just add PLDTWIFI + last 5 digits of BSSID (note do not include “:” )
Manual hacking of password : PLDTWIFId996a

hack pldt wifi
hack pldt wifi

Click the Wifi Name ( PLDTMyDSL,PLDTHOME ETC )

when the name of the wifi has no costume name

Download PLDT WiFi apk for hacking WiFi Password
Download PLDT WiFi apk for hacking WiFi Password

Blood Security Hackers
BONUS  Info:
Sa Globe Aztech model ADSL
Globe default WiFi password:
Other Globe  ADSL
Last 6 Mac Address  Password:
sample  A7F7D6

PLDT Wifi Hacker For iOS?

currently, pldt wifi hacker for ios is not available. You need an android rooted mobile to use pldt app

Hacking PLDT WiFi on PC

hack pldt wifi password using WifiinfoView
Hacking PLDT WiFi on PC
Hacking PLDT WiFi on PC

WifiInfoView scans the wireless networks in your area and displays extensive information about them, including: Network Name (SSID), MAC Address, PHY Type (802.11g or 802.11n), RSSI, Signal Quality, Frequency, Channel Number, Maximum Speed, Company Name, Router Model and Router Name (Only for routers that provides this information).

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When you select a wireless network in the upper pane of this tool, the lower pane displays the Wi-Fi information elements received from this device, in hexadecimal format. 
WifiInfoView also has a summary mode, which displays a summary of all detected wireless networks, grouped by channel number, company that manufactured the router, PHY type, or the maximum speed.


PLDT WiFi Hacking Using FishCracker


PLDT WiFi Hacking Using FishCracker

PLDT WiFi Hacking Using FishCracker

Supports: Windows Linux android(termux)

Features: social engineering attack (Phishing)

Wireless ATTACK (PLDT)

ngrok integrated

Password Attack

how to run?

  1. download and install python2.7 and FishCracker
  2. For windows os: right click on the computer click properties Advance System Settings Advanced>Environment Variables SELECT PATH Variable click edit then paste this: C:\Python27\Scripts;C:\Python27
  3. move the folder directory of FishCracker in C://Python27
  4. cd PhishCracker
  5. pip install -r requirements.txt


If you want To Hacking WPA2 Try Wifi Using Evil Twin Attack Using Wifislax
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