Best Tech Deals and Sales of Black Friday 2020: UPDATED

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Find the best deals on CPUs and laptops for everything. Below we complete the best day of Black Friday & Cyber Monday with some advice and tips on Black Friday to make sure you get the best offers of the holiday season.

When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is always celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving, which this year is Friday, November 29. In 2020, however, Black Friday deals kicked off in mid-October. That’s because this year we’re facing a slightly shorter holiday shopping season since Thanksgiving falls so late in the month.

In addition, another round of trade war tariffs is expected to begin on December 15, resulting in a 15% tax that could affect the price of gaming consoles, tablets, and laptops. As a result, retailers are wasting no time in launching their Black Friday sales.

Cyber Monday starts at the stroke of midnight – as soon as Monday begins, in other words. Monday, 2 December Cyber Monday 2020.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals: Stores to Watch

Black Friday is the best time of year for discounts on all kinds of consumer electronics, from 4 K TVs to laptops for players. During the made-up holiday, we have seen great deals with all consumer electronics, including luxury appliances like OLED TVs and gaming consoles, in the last few years. Also on PC components, we see great deals including some of the best on the market for Best CPUs, SSDs or graphics.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals: Finding the Best Prices

While the holidays bring about a lot of great deals, they’re also filled with plenty of fake deals. Oftentimes retailers raise prices and then offer anemic discounts in an effort to attract consumers.

As a result, we recommend that all shoppers use comparison engines like Google Shopping (best for components). There is no ultimate search engine that compares prices from every store, but as long as you use one or two while shopping, you’ll better your chances of scoring the best deal.

We’re also big fans of sites like CamelCamelCamel. The website displays the price history of any item sold on Amazon. Just drop in the product’s full Amazon URL in CamelCamelCamel and the latter will show you a chart outlining that device’s price history on Amazon. That way you’ll know if it’s truly an all-time price low or if it’s just a mediocre sale.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday Laptop Deals & Sales


Best Sellers in PC Games & Accessories Black Friday and Cyber Monday


While there are many limited discounts on smaller drives, Black Friday is an excellent time to make large savings on bigger storage devices, like an SSD large enough to accommodate Red Dead Redemption 2 or Modern Warfare–and on more costly SSD options, such as the NVMe M.2 drive. As noted in the Guide to Gaming’s Best SSDs, it is by no means the fastest way to read/write drives but not as cost-effective as SATA drives, excluding sales times such as Black Friday.


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