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Betternet VPN Premium v4.5.0 Apk

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Betternet VPN Premium v4.5.0 Apk
Betternet VPN Premium v4.5.0 Apk

Betternet VPN Premium v4.5.0 Apk is one of the VPN applications for Android that provides proxies from the fastest countries in the world, such as one of them is Singapore which is still the choice of Android VPN users both used to change the IP address or to protect user privacy while being access websites and more.

As we all know, the function of VPN or Android, which is actually a premium VPN, is to protect our privacy while surfing the internet and also by using VPN we can also access blocked websites in our country, and you are familiar again with positive internet. By using this premium VPN you will no longer find positive internet messages when accessing any website. Therefore I will share  Betternet VPN Premium v4.5.0 Apk which is certainly the latest version that has been released in the PlayStore.

Betternet VPN Premium has a very dynamic, simple display and can be said to be almost similar to the Turbo VPN Vip Premium application which of course will make it easier for you when using this one Android VPN application, but the disadvantage of this internet application is that there is no special setting like those on Psiphon pro premium, but for further information please try the features of this premium Betternet application yourself. And I personally thought of using Premium Betternet as an alternative VPN that can be used to spend the video max quota, because Psiphon itself now does not need special settings to be used as an application to make the Videomax quota a regular flash quota.

Betternet VPN Premium & Private Browser

This unlocked internet VPN application is already equipped with paid or premium features that you usually can’t get in the free version of PlayStore. And one of the features of Betternet VPN Premium v4.5.0 Apk is already ad-free (without ads / ads-free) which of course will make you uninterrupted by advertisements that usually appear in the free version of PlayStore. Besides that the IP provided at Betternet premium version is also not limit speed or usage quota limit, so you can immediately enjoy unlimited quota from IP that has been provided in this premium version.

► Unblock Websites and Applications
You can unblock any application or website using a free & unlimited Betternet VPN. Skip government censorship and geographical restrictions to access social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat, etc. Or other blocked websites from anywhere!

► Anonymous Connections and Privacy Protection
Using VPN, your IP and location will be closed and your activities can no longer be tracked on the Internet. Betternet VPN services are your privacy guard and are better than web proxy servers.

► Secure Your Device
Betternet secures the connection of your Android device when you are connected to a public WiFi hotspot or cellular data network. It works like a free Tor proxy (Router Onion) but it’s safer. Your password and your personal data are guaranteed and you are protected from hackers.

► Anonymous Surf at Fast Speed
Betternet fast! It detects your location automatically and connects you to the closest and fastest server. As a result, your connection will be much faster than VPN or other proxy providers.

► WiFi Hotspot Shield
Public Wi-Fi hotspots are the perfect place for hackers and if they get your personal information, you can be a victim of identity theft! Betternet VPN Proxy uses advanced VPN technology to encrypt your network traffic, allows you to connect to websites via HTTPS, provides a secure shield to your WiFi hotspot.

And that is the Betternet VPN Premium Unlimited Proxy application that I can share this time hopefully useful, and don’t forget to stay at to get the latest updates from Betternet VPN Premium v4.5.0 Apk. Great Greetings.

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