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The best VPN service 2019

Many people today need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to surf the web anonymously. Such a VPN is used to connect participants from different private networks. For example, an employee can get access to his computer from home.

In this regard, the VPN acts as a network cable, which you put in the router of the other network. The VPN connects to the corporate network. The connection is made via a VPN gateway.

This sounds complicated at first glance, but there are now quite a few VPN clients that make using the VPN very easy. Most of the time, the surfaces are so intuitive and beautifully designed that you only have to deal with the underlying technology only slightly.


  • Protects the privacy
  • Whereabouts remain secret
  • Use also possible in countries such as China
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Access to streaming services


  • The interior needs a bit of time
  • Expensive matter
  • Internet speed can be reduced

The benefit of a VPN service

Cybercrime is now a booming industry dar. In addition, you feel uncomfortable when you are obviously on the Internet on the road while leaving traces. Finally, one must not forget that the Internet is an incredibly huge space, where users from all over the world are traveling.

In addition, you should be careful on the Internet, as far as the use of credit card information and documents. The goal should be to prevent any abuse. A VPN connection helps to completely encrypt the traffic. In this way, it is not possible to view data from the outside.

A VPN service should also be used to protect privacy. At the same time, the freedom of the internet can be secured. Thus, the Internet provider can not monitor individual Internet activities. Due to the fact that the IP address remains anonymous, the exact location remains secret.

In addition, even government services or company employees have no access to Internet activity. Censorship and records can not be done. VPN services are also used to block competitors.

Furthermore, the security can be preserved if you want to go to the Internet, for example, at a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Even users who work in countries where the Internet is censored by the government have the ability to access all websites via a VPN service.

This is done by swapping the IP address of the computer in the VPN server with a different IP address.

The best VPN providers in 2019

If you want to surf the Internet safely and anonymously, you should use a VPN service. Above that, a VPN is suitable for accessing services like Netflix. Many VPN services offer their service for free, but limited. If you want to use the VPN service but comprehensive, so you have to opt for a paid membership. Finally, one can deal with all apps IP locks that prevent access to certain websites.

As a rule, the apps are English-language. The use in German is only possible in a few exceptions. One can basically assume that one has only a limited data quota with the free VPN services. The service is then cut off after a short time.

These VPN services are briefly described below.


NordVPN is one of the best VPN services. The head office is in Panama. The provider has a unique combination of advanced encryption technology and intuitive operation. In addition, this provider ensures maximum anonymity. Practical tools, such as Smartplay Service, are used to streamline streaming.


This provider is based in the British Virgin Islands. The VPN client convinces with high technical standards as well as an outstanding customer service. The offer consists only of a VPN tariff, which includes all services and different terms. Finally, you benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This VPN provider promises high security. The company is headquartered in Malaysia. It is mainly private users who use this service. Furthermore, you can pay with various cryptocurrencies to ensure anonymity from the beginning. After all, the provider is transparent and very secure.


Zenmate is a German provider. The service costs just under five euros a month. There is a network of over 3000 servers spread across 30 countries. The interface is intuitive and available in six different languages. Zenmate is particularly suitable for beginners. No wonder this VPN client is so popular.

IP Vanish

IP Vanish is a solid VPN client that meets the expectations of most customers. With IP Vanish, streaming services such as IPVanish and Netflix can be used without restriction. If you’re looking for a reliable tool, IP Vanish is the place to go.


This service is headquartered in England. The founders are from Tel Aviv. The VPN service is very popular with customers. This is largely due to the very simple operation. From a price point of view, this service is competitive. You can also benefit from a flexible selection of protocols.

Are our free VPN providers good for something?

If you intend to use a VPN service in the long term, you should switch to a paid VPN service. Although paid services require a certain budget. On the other hand, you can not go wrong with the right service. In addition, when surfing the Internet you also have higher security.

There are also free VPN providers, but you often have to expect some restrictions. Often the data volume is limited, that is usually only half a GB, which can be used up after a short time.

With other services, you only get access to some servers, so you can not fall back on the full server landscape. There are even some providers where the duration for the VPN connection is limited.

These restrictions can be annoying in the long run, especially if you want to surf the internet safely for a long time. Therefore, the recommendation is to switch to a paid provider. You should only use a free service if you want to get a taste of the VPN world or if you want to try out a tool before you buy it.

In addition, you benefit from the paid version of higher security. The scope is much higher.

VPN  for streaming movies

Streaming movies is considered an area where many VPN services could improve. This is especially true today because some services today are able to systematically block most users of VPN services.

In addition, a VPN must also be constructed in such a way that a high bandwidth is available for streaming movies. In addition, a good VPN must be able to bypass geo-blocking and unlock the content.

In order for users to benefit from the streaming services, it is important to find a suitable VPN service. Fortunately, there are some VPN providers who understand how to bypass geo-blocking. These providers know how to update their services regularly and to adapt to the new regulations.

For this reason, you can be sure that you can access services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many others long term.


NordVPN is undoubtedly one of the best VPN clients you can find on the market today. Even if NordVPN is not cheap, you get a lot of benefits for your money. There are more than 1000 locations worldwide. In addition, there are also special servers, which contain practical tools and high bandwidths.

Interesting is the fact that the provider operates special servers, which are only suitable for use with Netflix. So you can be sure that connecting to Netflix is ​​a specialty of NordVPN. NordVPN is able to easily bypass geo-blocking. The provider is not in vain in the first place when it comes to streaming and VPNs.


ExpressVPN is one of the best. Nothing has changed so far. The offer is good. The service is outstanding and the service is affordable. All the important elements are present.

As far as video streaming is concerned, the provider is versatile and consistent. This mainly refers to bypassing Netflix VPN blocks. Overall, this video streaming provider is a great choice.

IP Vanish

IP Vanish operates hundreds of servers worldwide. The company is very flexible and promises high speeds. The provider is also able to bypass many blockades like the other two VPN services. But improvements to the user interface would be desirable. Suitable for streaming videos IP Vanish still very good.

The design of prices

Of course, when choosing a suitable VPN client you have to look at the prices. It’s all about not falling right on the cheapest offer. Rather, one should ask yourself the question, why the corresponding provider is so cheap.

It’s like going to a supermarket and buying plain meat. There is meat for which you have to pay 2-3 times more in top quality. Some people prefer quality and will choose the most expensive provider, while others sacrifice quality and pay less.

But you have to enjoy this principle with care. Finally, you do not always get better quality at a higher price. The higher prices for NordVPN and ExpressVPN are definitely justified. For a higher price, you get a higher quality.

At the provider IP Vanish, the higher prices for the services you get are less justified. Therefore, you should not only look at the price but also on the offer.

After all, a good VPN service should be a good value for money.

Our great VPN App Test

Every good VPN client should offer their customers an app that they can download. No matter whether you download the app on his home PC or on his mobile device, the VPN service is always included after the download.

As has been shown in various tests, the apps of the VPN services mentioned here are very well designed. An appealing interface, as well as an intuitive use, make it possible for the user to use his VPN service while on the go.

The apps from NordVPN and ExpressVPN make an excellent impression. The surfaces are very tidy and clear. You should not have problems here to find your way around quickly.

Only with IP Vanish is the user interface not so good. It would be desirable if the provider would rectify this in the near future.

Better to buy the winner VPN  

If you’re just looking for a suitable VPN service, then you should make a decision that is not just based on your own experiences but also includes experiences from other users.

A good starting point is always a comparison page, where you can compare different VPN services. Highly recommended, it is always based on the VPN test winner. As a rule, the VPN test winner reflects the expectations demanded by a large number of customers.

So if you decide on the winner, you can not go wrong.

Are there any particularly secure VPN providers?

The safest VPN providers are these, which have been mentioned in this article. Basically, any good VPN service should be designed so that you should have no complaints about security.

In addition, the mentioned VPN clients can even be used in countries like China. Governments and Internet service providers in these countries have no chance to determine the exact whereabouts or record Internet sessions.

VPN server and software in the final test

As for the software, this is very satisfactory for most good VPN clients. Most vendors get a good number of servers scattered around the world. In addition, the software is modern and visually appealing in most services. Thus, there should be no problems in terms of usability.

Especially SaferVPN is very popular because of its high user-friendliness. In contrast, the service IP Vanish with the surface still some problems. Most providers also offer a world map in their services, where you have even more comfort when choosing a suitable server.