Best Gaming Glasses For Eye Strain 2020 [Reviews]

Best Gaming Glasses 2020 [WINNERS] – The Ultimate Buying Guide [Guide And Reviews]

If you’re a PC gamer, you’ve most likely had tired eyes at some instant. Gaming these days is truly a ubiquitous form of entertainment, with people of all age groups proudly calling themselves gamers

While gaming is a great way to relax and extract yourself from reality, your eyes are usually the first to remind you that you’re not, in fact, a superhero as they become strained, blurry, and dry. This is mother nature’s way of giving you a heads up that something is amiss. According to scientists, prolonged exposure to computer and smartphone devices puts your eyes at risk of macular degeneration and even blindness.

Much of the negative effects of staring at Laptops/Mobiles screen for too long can be harmful blue light that these devices emit.  Gaming glasses that filter out this spectrum of light is an effective way to shield your eyes from early macular degeneration, according to optometrists. Other important preventative measures include reducing on-screen time, turning off your devices an hour or so before bedtime, and resting your eyes frequently.

Now that you just how critical gaming glasses can be for protecting your eyes, read on for my detailed reviews of the best gaming glasses you should get to protect your eyes and your family’s.

Let’s Find out exactly how gaming glasses can benefit you:

  • help to sharpen objects on the screen, rendering them in better detail
  • specifically designed to block high-frequency blue light
  • The lenses allow you to better focus on the screen, leading to relaxed eye muscles
  • The coating on the lens filter out additional blue light
  • The design of many gaming glasses are a tight fit to reduce incoming air and humidity

1. J+S Vision Bluelight Shield– Editor’s Choice for Best Gaming Glasses

J + S gaming glasses get our gesture for the best by and large gaming glasses. Most PC gaming glasses that shut out blue light are vigorously tinted, with high shading bends that make the life of a visual originator or even gamer harder. The J + S gaming glasses mulls over this, sifting through 90% of the undetectable high vitality blue light that are unsafe to the human eye while permitting 70% of low-vitality blue light to come in. This implies you will at present have the option to see blue on your screen, not at all like many blue light blocking glasses that simply obstruct the whole range of blue unpredictably.

These gaming glasses contain the following features:

  • They block 90 percent of all blue light from a screen
  • The low color distortion lens provides a balance between viewing quality and color
  • The frame is both stylish and comfortable
  • The unisex design means these glasses look awesome on both men and women
  • The glasses are one size fits most thanks to the spring-loaded temples

2. Gunnar Optiks MLG Phantom– Best Glasses for Heavy Gamers and Computer Users

In case you’re a genuine gamer or PC client that experiences eye weariness, obscured vision, polyopia, or dry eyes, think about this: The Gunnar Optiks PC glasses are the main licensed PC eyewear prescribed by specialists. Obviously, a LOT of individuals have seen a major distinction with eye help since utilizing the Gunnar Optiks glasses.

The Gunnar Optiks squares high vitality blue light, UV beams, and glare like most PC glasses. What’s more, be that as it may, it likewise accompanies a slight measure of amplification to diminish interminable eye strain. Nowadays the screen goals on PC screens and workstation screens are getting increasingly elevated, which implies objects are getting littler and littler on the screen. In case you’re similar to me and wind up inclining forward now and then to see little subtleties on your screen, a slight amplification can truly help loosen up your eyes and decrease strain. For point by point situated amusements like methodology or pretending recreations, the Gunnar Optiks can truly support your diversion with less stressing.

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3. Bukos Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses– Excellent Computer Glasses that help with Sleep as well


The Bukos Blue Light Blocking Glasses are guaranteed by the US FDA for ensuring your eyes against electronic gadgets, which is a decent consolation. These glasses help prepare for the danger of age-related macular degeneration actuated by stretched out times of presentation to UV light from computerized screens. The focal points can obstruct 99% of UV light (10– 400 nm) and 40% of blue light (450– 500 nm). Most PC glasses have really powerless UV light insurance, if by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s great to see the Bukos venturing up in such manner.

Other than utilizing them for working before a PC or gaming, you can likewise wear the Bukos Computer glasses when resting to moderate the impacts of sleep deprivation and different sicknesses. Appraised as a Class 1 therapeutic gadget, they help with everything from a sleeping disorder, troublesomely staying unconscious, to even ADHD related rest issues. Numerous clients have detailed better quality rests with these on.

The dark unisex casings on the Bukos Computer Glasses can oblige fluctuating head sizes and shapes on account of the strong TR90 plastic casing that twists without breaking. They are likewise fortified by a screw on the internal side of the sanctuaries. With minimal unmistakable tint, these can go off as should be expected glasses.

A correlative hard case and microfiber cleaning fabric come standard with these glasses. Bukos gives a 30-day unconditional promise and a 90-day trade period for imperfect or broken parts. In case you’re searching for a couple of PC glasses that square UV just as assists with rest, the Bukos is your best decision.

4. GAME KING Blue Light Blocking Clip-on Glasses– Very Best Gaming Glasses 2020

In case you’re a heavy gamer or PC client, there’s a decent possibility you wear remedy glasses as of now. Assuming this is the case, an ordinary pair of PC glasses just won’t work for you, as not many go over another pair of glasses (without looking ludicrous regardless of whether that works). On the off chance that that is you, the Gameking Clip-On Computer Glasses are what you need.

Weighing only 8 grams and made of solidified scratch safe materials, you can actually convey these clasp on a focal point in your pocket wherever you go, and append them to your remedy focal points when you’re prepared to get your amusement on. This enemy of intelligent focal points can obstruct 60% of blue light, sifting through 85% of generally hurtful blue light while permitting 56% of less unsafe blue light in. Note that a little measure of blue light is valuable, as it can animate efficiency and drive our circadian musicality. Numerous individuals have revealed a major decline in computerized eye strain, weariness, and pressure migraines since wearing these clasp on the focal point.

5. Firmoo Blue Light Blocking, Anti-Reflective; recommends highly

Firmoo is a global online optical store that offers a wide range of chic and trendy glasses at a cheap, affordable price.

The types of glasses they have include distance, reader, sunglasses, computer blue-light-blocking, bifocal & progressive. You can even order prescription computer glasses online at Firmoo. Firmoo has glasses for women, men, and kids!

If you’re struggling with figuring out the best glasses for your face shape, use Firmoo’s virtual try-on feature to see how the glasses will look on your face.

As someone who is constantly behind a screen, whether it’s on the computer or on my phone, we heavily rely on computer glasses with blue light blocking lenses to prevent migraines and eye strain. When we edit videos without wearing my computer glasses, we often end up with terrible migraines and sometimes the pain can be so bad that laying in bed and riding it out or taking Excedrin is my only source of migraine relief.

Wearing computer glasses have helped me avoid getting to that point in the first place. If you are also migraine or headache prone from staring at electronic screens, we highly recommend using a pair of Firmoo computer glasses with blue light blocking lenses.

Are Gaming Glasses only for Gamers?

Absolutely not! Gaming glasses are called as such because they are ideal for gamers that spend a lot of time in front of the computer or smartphone. These days, however, even non-gamers are glued to their screens and can benefit immensely from a pair of gaming glasses that filter out the blue light that has been linked to everything from eye strains, dry eyes, to macular degeneration and even blindness over time.

Gaming glasses are suitable as well for adults and children who spend a lot of time in front of a LED TV, which also generates a lot of blue light that can be harmful to their eyes or sleeping quality.


Final Words:

Better to be safe than sorry!