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Apple updates its iMac line with new graphics and processors for 2019

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Apple updates its iMac line with new graphics and processors for 2019

In the wake of the latest updates, Cupertino’s technology has strengthened its line of macOS computers. Now we have new options for the Apple iMac, its workstations. Among the new features, we have new Intel processors with 6 to 8 cores, as well as new graphics options for 2019.

Apple updates its iMac

Apple updates its iMac

If you are considering buying a new macOS computer then know the new settings at your disposal, as well as their prices.

They have arrived at the official technology store in Cupertino and bring good news to anyone looking for a new macOS computer. While maintaining the same design and construction, we have new internal components for the Apple iMac computers, whether for the 21.5-inch model as well as the 27-inch model.

What’s new for the Apple iMac line of computers

First, the 21.5 “model now has Intel 8th generation processors in two configurations available, quad-core and six-core ( hex-core ) configurations. On the other hand, the 27 “model has Intel 9th ​​generation processors with 6 to 8 cores in the configuration options. Here you will find the Intel 9th ​​generation processor in the top configuration, for the above model.

Also according to the technology itself, the new processors bring important improvements. More specifically, a performance twice the previous generation of available processors. So if you were thinking about buying one of these new macOS computers, now is the time to do it.

Next, we also have improvements in graphics processing units (GPUs). In fact, you can now enjoy Radeon Pro Vega for both iMac models. In addition, it should be noted that the new macOS computers are already available in the official store in Portugal.

MacOS computers in the iMac line are more powerful

Prices start at 1549 € for the Apple iMac 21.5 “with 4K screen and updated specifications. However, the Cupertino technology still sells the iMac of 21.5 “without a 4K screen for 1349 €, being the most accessible of all macOS computers in this line. In short, this model has not undergone any change.

On the other hand, the 27 “models start at € 2199. Also these already with the new configurations (processor and graph of the last generation). You can find these products here at the Apple Store.

We also note that both computers continue to use a hard drive, although in Fusion Drive mode. So it will not be until 2019 that we will announce the end of HDDs on Apple workstations. Still, if you want, you can choose the configuration with a 2 TB SSD.

New RAM and Processor Options for iMac Pro

Now with several new configurations available to consumers, not only, but also to the top line, the iMac Pro. Among the new “extras” we have the Radeon Pro Vega 64X graphics, plus 256 GB of RAM.

First of all, we can choose the Intel Xeon W 18-core processor with a frequency of 2.3 GHz, as well as a  Turbo Boost up to 4.3 GHz. This is the maximum configuration for the processing center, costing 2,880 euros extra.


Secondly, the base version of the macOS computer costs 5 828.00 € without any extra added. Thus, we have a total of 256 GB of RAM for 6 240 €, DDR4 ECC 2666 MHz. In short, the value of this addition ends up exceeding the initial value of the computer macOS.

Apple already offers the iMac Pro with 256 GB of RAM for a further € 6,240

Undoubtedly costly, these options add a lot of potential to this macOS computer, which is already extremely powerful. Finally, we can still opt for extra internal storage. Then, if you choose the 4 TB of SSD storage, you have to invest another 3 364.31 €.

Here it does not include the extra software options, or even the peripherals and optional mounting system. Be that as it may, this is Apple’s most powerful macOS computer. It is clearly aimed at corporate audiences and professionals in the field of image, video and multimedia production.

All this, has a price, although we can consider it extremely costly. Already, as a curiosity, if you opt for all the extras, your final value is close to 20 thousand euros. Fortunately, there is a good way to save several hundred euros if you want to expand RAM, something that we are here to know.

What would you like to see updated on iMac computers?

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