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Apple March 2019 Presentation: Low-Cost iPad, AirPods 2, and Other New Items

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Apple March 2019 Presentation

Apple plans to hold an event at the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus on March 25th. It is expected that Apple this spring, in addition to the new streaming video service, will launch several more products. So, first things first.

Apple streaming video service
It is expected that Apple’s long-awaited video streaming service, which will offer films, series and television shows and become a competitor to Netflix, will start in the spring of 2019.

Mini Apple TV
How about a smaller, cheaper Apple TV that will accompany the launch of a new video streaming service? If Apple wants to reach the masses with its service, a new low-priced set-top box can be the key to this.

New HomePod
According to rumors, Apple is preparing to launch a new HomePod in 2019 so we can see it at an event dedicated to film and music in March 2019.

HomePod Mini
Fans are probably wishful thinking, but there are rumors that Apple will launch a smaller, smaller HomePod (perhaps it will be shipped under the Beats brand, not Apple). Such a move, apparently, will help Apple gain market share in smart speakers, but it still has much to do to catch up with its competitors.

AirPods 2 
Rumors suggest that Apple may launch new AirPods with “wireless charging support” and Bluetooth updates. It is possible that Apple will also introduce StudioPods headphones.


Apple has long postponed the launch of its wireless charger, which was supposed to be released in 2018. It is assumed that it will be ready for launch at the spring event along with the new AirPods.

iPhone SE 2

After the introduction of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, Apple stopped the release of iPhone SE. The latter was one of the most popular smartphones, being at the same time the smallest and cheapest iPhone. As everyone could see, the iPhone XR is not a replacement for the iPhone SE 2, as it is still quite expensive and much more than a 4-inch iPhone SE.

Nevertheless, it is rumored that Apple may launch a new 4-inch smartphone for fans of small devices. The code in Xcode indicates that the new smartphone may come with an older iPhone 7 processor, and this device may well be an update to the iPhone SE.

New low-cost iPad 

The company has registered seven new iPad models in the Eurasian Economic Commission, including a 10-inch iPad, which can replace the existing 9.7-inch model.

iPad Mini 5
Another miniature iOS device that needs to be updated is the iPad Mini. Since the launch of the iPad Mini 4 more than three years has passed.

We’ve almost lost hope for the iPad Mini, but analyst Min-Chi Kuo reports that Apple’s new mini-tablet is in development.

iPod Touch
For several months, rumors have been actively circulating that in 2019, Apple will launch the seventh generation of the iPod Touch, which will be the cheapest way to enter the iOS ecosystem. It is quite possible that March is the right time to present this device.

Apple did not update the MacBook in 2018 so you can wait for the update this year. Due to the fact that in 2018 the MacBook Air finally got a rework, the MacBook needs major changes to become relevant again. Perhaps in 2019, we will see that the MacBook will be even smaller.

Apple also did not update the iMac in 2018. Soon there will be several new Intel chips offering more cores and much more computing power.

All this is still speculation and what Apple will actually present, we will know only in a month.

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