Zong HEC Package Details 2019

Here are New Zong HEC Sim Packages Details and Code

Q: How to renew ZongHEC MBB Package?
A: 1- Recharge amount of Rs: 320/- from any easy-load shop or Zong franchise.
2-insert your MBB HEC SIM in your mobile and dial *4343# and reply with 1 for Monthly Package.

Please reply with
1. HEC Bundle 20GB @Rs.316.39
2. 24GB @Rs.760.86
3. 50GB @Rs.1014.48
4. 100GB @Rs.1927.52
5. 150GB @Rs.2789.83
6. 200GB @Rs.3043.45
3- you will receive the package confirmation message within 1 mint.

4- Check Zong Hec Sim Remaining Data By Dailing *102*4# or Use MyZong App For Checking Details

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