Be a Pro at Pitching Guest Posts in 8 Steps.

Every new business needs time to establish themselves as a brand and that only happens when people start recognizing them. In the starting days of a business or the days leading up to it, your main focus is mostly on how to promote your brand, your content. Promotion, however, can be a difficult job as there are so many ways to do it and you are always looking for the best way to promote your brand.

For bloggers or content writers, one good way to do so is through guest posts!
A guest post is a marketing and an SEO technique where you publish your own content on a third party website or page. It’s what the kids call “shout-out” these days on Instagram.
These posts can be tricky as you want to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

You’re 8 points away from writing the perfect pitch and here is how:

1-Know why you’re doing it. 

You need to ask yourself why you’re writing that post. Is it to get more people on your page? Is it to get paying client? Knowing what audience you’re aiming for is very important. You need to have a strategy. Your guest posts should be written with your business in your mind otherwise you’re doing it because you just like to do it.

2-Find your perfect guest post platform. 

After knowing why you’re doing it, you need to think about which website would be perfect for you.
For example: If you have a website for tech advice, you won't promote it on a website that posts cooking advice and recipes.
You would find another tech website which has a huge audience so you could target the people who would actually be interested.

1. Follow the rules.

Every website mostly has guidelines that you need to keep in mind and follow while writing a guest post.
It would be such a mistake if you ignore them because the editor would doubt your ability and won’t publish your work. Sometimes breaking the rules work but you can break them only if you know them. That’s what good writing is.

Picking a catchy topic.

You need to pitch an idea that is different and interesting for their audience. Something that catches their attention. Something we call “clickbait” these days.
For example, A topic like “best android games 2019” would get deleted faster than any spam email in your inbox. Instead, try writing about comparisons of two tech devices or how a book is so much different from its movie and how.
In short, you’re saving people’s time and money.

Personalize your email.

Your content should have a hint of you in it. It should feel like it’s a person talking rather than you reading a few lines on the internet. Give your pitch a face and show them how good that is.
Be brief and explain everything in a way more people can understand it.

The actual pitch.

After keeping all these points in your mind, you start writing your pitch which you will mail to the editor. It is like selling a business idea to investors, just like ‘Shark Tank’.
Write about how it can be beneficial for them rather than how it would help your business. 
For example, you can say how it would get more traffic to their site and help them expand as well.

Be unique.

Put out an idea that hasn’t been done before. You need to be different. 
Think of it this way, you won't go to the same restaurant every weekend, right? You’d want to try new places. Same is the case with your content. People want new ideas and that’s exactly what your pitch should focus on. 

Prove you’re the one.

You need to be confident and have all the facts lined up as to why you’re the perfect match for them. 
You need to be bold and show them that you have more than just one thing to offer to them and show them that it’s a two-way street and isn’t just for your own benefit. 

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